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Open mansions: A sign of the times?

November 5, 2009 | 11:32 am

For your viewing pleasure

Public open houses being held at Westside properties priced as high as $21.9 million is the subject of my story today at Most of us can never afford a house costing more than a fraction of that price. If you are a diehard lookie-loo, at least now you can step inside one.

The real estate agents I talked to were split on whether this is a good idea or a bad one, but it's something to think about when you have family in town over the holidays and are looking for that only-in-L.A. experience.

--Lauren Beale

Thoughts? Comments?

Photo: Agent Florence Mattar has been holding public open houses at this $21.9-million home in the "bird streets" area of Hollywood Hills. It has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms in 9,691 square feet. This is the living room. Credit: Everett Fenton Gidley