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Brammo drops price of Enertia electric motorcycle to $7,995

November 12, 2009 | 11:37 am

6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a68d1e81970c-320wi In an effort to bring electric vehicles to the masses, Brammo Chief Executive Craig Bramscher announced this week that the Oregon-based manufacturer will drop the price of its Enertia electric motorcycle to $7,995. The suggested retail price had been $11,995.

"We set the retail price two years ago, and now that we've built dozens of prototype bikes and built 100 for customers, we now have the real data to determine what it's going to cost us to build these and get them out in larger volumes, so we're able to price that in accordance now," Bramscher said.

The price reduction is possible because of "pricing in the supply chain and reducing labor and making systems more efficient," Bramscher said, adding that it takes about two hours to assemble an Enertia at its Ashland production facility. 

Additional price breaks on the bike are available through federal incentives, which allow buyers to write off 10% of the purchase price on their tax returns and, until the end of 2009, reimburse them for their state sales tax. Many states, including California and Oregon, provide additional incentives.

Anyone who's already purchased an Enertia is eligible for the lower price. According to Bramscher, they simply need to call the company at (541) 482-9555 or e-mail the firm at to request a refund.

-- Susan Carpenter

Photo credit: Brammo