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Forget the chocolate: Women deal with life changes by buying a car, survey says

October 13, 2009 | 11:13 pm


Women shop big when they are stressed out about changes in their lives -- think car-sized big.

A recent survey by CarMax Inc. indicates that major life events like changes in employment and family are the most likely reasons a woman purchases a vehicle, says an article from Business Wire.

“Many personal factors affect women shopping for a car,” said Donna Wassel, Southwest region vice president of CarMax, the nation’s largest used-car retailer. “Changes in family and employment create an opportunity to evaluate your current driving situation.”

The August 2009 survey of 500 U.S. women ages 18 and older asked, “Of the following life events, which is the most likely to prompt you to purchase a car?” with the following options to choose from: new job, retirement, pregnancy, divorce, an empty nest and children becoming drivers.

Sixty percent of the women surveyed indicated that career changes, including a new job (37%) and retirement (23%) would most likely to prompt them to buy a car.

However, women ages 18 to 34 had a close tie between pregnancy (41%) and getting a new job (44%) as motivations for car buying. Eleven percent of all women cited a new child driver as an impetus.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the next time change rolls into your life you should jump on the bandwagon by buying a new car (though it might help boost the economy). We’re with you in thinking that the chocolate bar might be a little bit better for your wallet.

-- Kelsey Ramos


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