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Felipe Massa returns to Ferrari, checks out the 458 Italia

October 13, 2009 | 12:45 pm

We've been seeing a lot of the Ferrari 458 Italia as of late, but one thing we haven't seen much of in recent months is Ferrari F1 driver Felipe Massa. That's due to the fact that back in July, he suffered an accident during practice for the Hungarian Grand Prix, in which he was hit in the face by a stray piece of another race car. At F1 speeds. Which -- in everyday terms -- is something in the neighborhood of a gabillion miles per hour.

Amazingly, not only did Massa survive the incident, but he has basically fully recovered in just a few short months. He recently returned home to the Ferrari factory, where he was greeted not only by the staff but by the new 458 Italia as well. It seems to have garnered his approval, but then again he does get a paycheck from the company that built it. Hopefully he'll have it out on the test track and roads around Maranello soon enough.

-- Brian Alexander

Brian Alexander is a staff writer at