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Aloha Oe

October 21, 2009 |  2:11 pm

Dear L.A. Land readers:

This is my last week at The Times after nearly 15 years as a reporter. As you might imagine, I've been busy with a few things -- like cleaning up my desk -- and have thus been a bit slow in announcing my departure here.

I want to make it clear I'm leaving to pursue other opportunities, and my bosses have been entirely supportive of me in every way. Hopefully that's reassuring to some of you. I know others may be disappointed I wasn't given the boot: You haven't been shy about recommending that be done on this site.

The paper remains committed to covering the housing market, and I'm now helping other reporters get up to speed on the beat.

I expect to start a new job soon, but the details are not yet final, so I can't get into them here. I am, however, current on my mortgage payments and expect to remain so in the future. If not, those of you who've been insisting I'll be out of my home soon will surely see my house in the foreclosure listings and post about it here.

You're a tough crowd, but thanks for reading.

Peter Y. Hong