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A gallery of Pontiac obituaries

April 28, 2009 |  2:09 pm

Pontiac Eulogy -- Jalopnik

When a nearly century-old car brand dies, the automotive press works fast to get their obits up and running. This week's announcement of Pontiac's demise inspired some fast-moving journalism in the auto blogosphere and we've put together some of the best we found (including our own).

Though the praise and razzing are equally doled out, each story has its own unique take on the history of Pontiac along with priceless photos, TV commercials and expert insight.

Top 10 worst Pontiacs of all Time
Why be sappy and sentimental when you can find the worst in the Pontiac brand and "blog it!" Autoblog took that route.

Pontiac Is Dead... Again
Jalopnik called the death early -- their obit, which ran last February, was taken out, dusted off and posted again -- this time with plenty of gloating. In it are a few great old TV commercials -- even one featuring Paul Revere and the Raiders!

Seven Cars That Killed Pontiac
A gallery of cars that Jalopnik believes caused the fall of Pontiac.

LA Times
Gallery: When Pontiac built excitement
Our gallery of historic performance cars that best reflected the Pontiac "We Build Excitement" tagline.

Story: Pontiac's demise gets a muted response
Tiffany Hsu takes a look at the response of consumers and the car industry to the demise of Pontiac. Is it leaving this world with a whimper? Seems so.

Pontiac's last stand
Dan Carny, MSNBC contributor and longtime auto journalist, put together an excellent story and gallery documenting the history of the Pontiac brand from its earliest days in 1926.

Motor Trend
Pontiac: Soon Gone, Never to be Forgotten
Matt Stone takes a historic approach, taking us through some notable steps that Pontiac took along the way.

NY Times
Story: Its Muscle Car Glory Faded, Pontiac Shrivels Up
Micheline Maynard documents the marketing realities leading up to the demise of the Pontiac brand.

-- Joni Gray

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