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2009 EPA Fuel Economy: The Best and Worst

October 18, 2008 |  8:27 am

EPA says 2009 Toyota Prius gets the best MPG This week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released its annual Fuel Economy Guide, detailing the car industry’s gas sippers and guzzlers.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the 48-miles per gallon (city) Toyota Prius hybrid topped of a mix of compacts and eco-conscious cars on the list of the vehicles with the best mpg ratings. But it has some new company on the list, including the now 50-state friendly Volkswagen Jetta diesels. The 2009 Honda Fit, a critical darling that gets 27 to 28 mpgs in the city and 33 to 35 on the highway, didn't make the cut.

The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti sports car and other rides aimed at drivers who probably don't even look at the price of gas made up the lion's share of the gas-guzzler list. One American vehicle was among them -- the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

This is the second year of the EPA’s revised testing methods, which strive to bring their “estimates closer to consumers' actual fuel economy by including factors such as high speeds, quicker accelerations, air conditioning use, and driving in cold temperatures.” These changes may produce lower fuel economy estimates, particularly in vehicles more susceptible to these conditions.

For a look at what 2009 vehicles have the best and the worst fuel economy according to the EPA, click on the links below.

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-- Whitney Friedlander

Photo: Toyota