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Carmen Aristegui returns


Bowing to public pressure, the Mexican radio station that unceremoniously dumped celebrity broadcaster Carmen Aristegui a few days ago has agreed to put her back on the air. In a statement, MVS radio said its reinstatement of Aristegui "responds in a public and transparent way to the requirements of a relevant portion of listeners and citizens" (link in Spanish).

She is scheduled to return on Monday.

MVS fired Aristegui following comments she made on her daily radio program concerning speculation that President Felipe Calderon had a drinking problem. Defending her right to raise such uncomfortable questions, Aristegui told a media gathering last week that her bosses, under government pressure, demanded she read an apology. When she refused, she was fired. (The government denied it had interfered in the matter.)

As one of Mexico's best-known journalists, the incident stirred a firestorm (link in Spanish) among supporters and detractors, and her dismissal was widely condemned by media watchdog groups.

-- Tracy Wilkinson in Mexico City

Photo: Carmen Aristegui. Credit: Cuartoscuro

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Bravo!!! Carmen Aristegui is an excellent journalist. You can also watch her on CNN en EspaƱol.

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