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Mexico: La Familia offers to cease January 'activities' in public letter

Federal police michoacan reuters

The Mexican drug cartel La Familia has offered in a public letter to refrain from "any activities" for the first month of 2011 in order to support its claim that the federal authorities, not the cartel, are responsible for violence gripping its home-base state of Michoacan.

The letter purportedly signed by the group began appearing in Michoacan on Saturday night, local news reports said. It starts with a formal new year's greeting, then says La Familia will maintain a "withdrawal" for the first month of 2011 to "keep demonstrating to the authorities, the federal government and especially the people of Michoacan that La Familia Michoacana is not responsible for the criminal acts that the authorities and federal government report in the media."

Federal authorities say La Familia has been severely weakened since an operation in early December that resulted in the death of the cult-like group's spiritual leader, Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, or "El Mas Loco."

La Familia often directs messages to "Michoacan society" in public letters or on banners known as narcomantas that are hung over bridges. The messages reflect the group's quasi-populist view of its operations, insisting regularly that the cartel works to protect the people of Michoacan from rival drug-trafficking groups and from the government.

In some sections of the state, the argument appears to have taken hold.

After Moreno's death -- which hasn't been confirmed conclusively because his body was not recovered -- a civilian peace march in the city of Apatzingan turned into an impromptu rally for the slain drug lord, featuring signs expressing support for La Familia in general. In a November letter, the group offered to disband if the federal government could "guarantee" the safety of Michoacan's people.

Last week, the government captured a La Familia cell leader known as "The Mustache." Fran­cis­co Lo­pez Vi­lla­nue­va, authorities said, was formerly a member of the rival drug group the Zetas before switching sides and joining the Michoacan cartel.

-- Daniel Hernandez in Mexico City

Photo: Federal police on patrol in the the city of Apatzingan, Michoacan, in western Mexico, Dec. 10, 2010. Credit: Reuters

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As long as American politicians, Mexican politicians, DEA, FBI and the weapons companies make money from the drug wars, they will continue.

Marlena....sounds like you are not far behind. Your bigoted tiny brain seems ill equipped to think clearly. Too bad monkey face. Can't wait till all you racist die off! Woohoo.

While they regroup....

Only for one month. How nice of them.

I find it quite naive of this article to conclude that "the [cartel's] argument appears to have taken hold." I really don't take these placards at face value, I don't believe people are happy to be terrorized and I certainly don't believe rallies for the cartels are "impromptu" as it reports. To me it seems quite obvious that the people who voice such sentiments are either being paid to do so or have ties to the cartel. These days, no combatant anywhere is unaware that battles are fought via the media as well as on the ground.

Shame on Obama. Yes, I said it...This assault rifle ban that expired, stinks of NRA lobbing activity that has gone on for too long.

Question: Should the United States produce assault rifles and other high powered weapons for Mexican Thugs to kill each other? Well yes...says the 8000 gun shop owners on the US / Mexican border. "We can we make a little money doing that".

But what happens when US Citizens near the US boarder are Killed by these Cartels and Gangs with Assault Rifles smuggled in from the US?

Obama doing the Moonwalk??? In May 2009, Mexican President Felipe Calderon exhorted Congress to reinstate an assault rifle ban that expired in 2004 to help stem the flow of illegal guns across the border. But, though President Barack Obama promised to renew the ban while he was campaigning in 2008, he has recently gotten quiet on the subject, A report finds that 90 percent of the guns traced from Mexican crime scenes since 2006 have originated in the United States. The report was released by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group of more than 500 mayors from American towns and cities.

These people have IQ's of primates - shut the border and deport all the primates that have snuck in - we don't need any more stupid, ignorant lame fools.

Who cares? If they (the people that live there) don't care, why should I? The front page picture shows a woman with a sign that says, "Viva La Familia Michoacana". Which means that they welcome whatever happens over there.

Hey, if the gov. can't defend you... the people will look elsewhere... take a gander at gangs throughout history... we see a perfect example of this in the modern day taliban. Mex should have never declared war on cartels when they clearly have no power to do anything about it.


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