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Second survivor confirmed in migrant massacre as Latin America mourns

Mexico massacre survivor honduran

Authorities in Mexico have confirmed that a second person -- a Honduran citizen -- survived the massacre of 72 migrants last week in the state of Tamaulipas, but the man's identity and location are being closely guarded to protect his safety. The revelation came Wednesday, after Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa mentioned another survivor and his nationality, prompting the Honduran government to chastise Correa for releasing the information.

"There's no name for what happened in Mexico last week," Correa said, according to Agence France-Presse.

The investigation is delicate because of the international nature of the incident and because survivors of major crimes in Mexico are often at risk for reprisal violence. An investigator in Tamaulipas has already been reported missing. Fifty-eight men and 14 women from several Central and South American countries were killed execution-style near the town of San Fernando after refusing to work for the ruthless Zetas gang, the Ecuadoran survivor told authorities. Luis Freddy Lala Pomavilla, 18, was repatriated to Ecuador on Sunday and will be placed in a witness protection program.

Some of the bodies were moved to a morgue in Mexico City on Wednesday as the process to identify the remains continued. Those identified so far include 16 Hondurans, 13 Salvadorans, five Guatemalans and one Brazilian. Families seeking information on missing loved ones are crowding outside embassies and foreign offices in their home countries. Many are in mourning for victims of an incident that highlights the extreme risks that migrants undertake as they cross Mexico to seek better lives in the United States. Look for our upcoming special report from El Salvador.

"I haven't heard anything from him in a week. The last time we talked he was in Tamaulipas," one woman in San Salvador said of a loved one who went missing, according to MSNBC. "Some men called and asked for $400, and I sent it."

-- Daniel Hernandez in Mexico City

Photo: Workers begin examining the bodies of migrants killed in Tamaulipas at a morgue in Mexico City. Credit: Fernando Antonio / Associated Press

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What irresponsbile reporting!! The writers in the same paragraph rightly inform us that "The investigation is delicate because of the international nature of the incident and because survivors of major crimes in Mexico are often at risk for reprisal violence." And then goes on to report the name, age and nationality of one of the survivors!!! This is the very epitome of stupid, reporting! The LA Times should do penance for putting a young man needlessly at risk---and for what?

Ricardo Valle,
Thank you for exposing Mexico for the atrocities it has been committing against Central and South Americans for decades. We must continue our campaign of spreading the word. The world now knows that there are serious human rights violations going on in Mexico. Amnesty International puts the figures in excess of 10,000 a year and this is just for migrants in transit. The Human Rights Commission in Mexico also confirms that there are aprox. 1600 immigrants a month or 18,000 per year that are kidnapped, raped, extorted or disappeared. This is appalling!!! SHAME ON MEXICO. Next time Felipe Calderon comes to the U.S. to demand luxury treatment (compared to what he offers Central and South Americans in Mexico), we must meet him with the latest statistics in Mexico.

I think that the illegals in the US need to go back to their birth countries and be productive. The problems they have is they don't value education, the don't value family and they have no concept of what birth control is. First and foremost to get out of your nasty cycle you can't encourage your kids to be adults at 15, drop out of school to provide for families or breed what you can't feed, the cycle will never end. We have illegals from all over the world and you hear positive things or nothing but with the illegal mex there is always drama and problems.

Rest in Peace, my condolences.

We as much as fault as the Mexican government. We have allowed the NRA to hijack our government to ensure that people hold their firearms near and dear. However, they refuse to allow for legislation barring assault rifles. Will you seriously hunt a deer with high powered weaponry, do you seriously need it to "protect" your home. How often are those weapons used for the purpose pushed forth by the NRA as opposed to smuggling into Mexico. We need to wake up and understand our RESPONSIBILITY as a world leader and neighbor.

Just one question .
What will the reaction be if the ilegals trying to cross to U.S.A were caucasians?

Yet another reason for all you racists to come out of hiding. It's exactly attitudes like yours that create incidents like these.

my condolences to all the family members that lost a loved one. I know what is like to be an inmigrant. our people come along way to keep the US economy back on track, and all they receive in return is nothing but racial remarks and prejudice.
on behalf of the SUR 13 ... we express our condelences. may they rest in peace.

Why are people here comparing this massacre by criminals to US immigration policies? Mexico's complaints are directed towards immigration laws dictated by the federal or state governments as in the Arizona case. What happened in Mexico is an act by an organized crime group and not a government policy towards illegal immigrants. Do you not see the difference??

And, these are the people Obama loves to let in here so they can vote Democratic.

what drives people away from their home countries is poor
living conditions, and those conditions will remain...

This is a sign of our times. A sign that "Love your Neighbor" means nothing. The sad thing is that people in power make stricter laws for immigrants and I'm not talking so much about the USA, but all the countries in the world. We build walls and point people out as to who is illegal, and we're hesitant to offer a hand, to love and help one another. This is a sign of our values as human beings. The only way that this is going to change, is if we start practicing the very basic priciples that God gave us from the very beginning- Love your Neighbor like yourselves-.


The Mexicans are parasites, criminals and hypocrities.

Sad, sad, sad. It seems Calderon has lost control of his country. Hope he a really good security detail. Although, it's kind of odd that the powerful cartels have made zero attempts to stop him or his selective enforcement. Si Se Puede!!!

If ever there was a justification for magnum force or Dirty Harry type street was this.....If there's ANY honest cops in mexico they should shoot these drug bastards on site and not lose any sleep !

Unlike the many people who take their money or buy their products, these people gave their lives rather than work for drug cartels. What incredible human beings! I want people like this living in my country.

And Mexico has the nerve to complain about illegal immigrant treatment in the US!

Finally, one incident of this nature OUT OF THOUSANDS which take place each year on Mexican soil, captures world attention.
Mexican immigration officials have for DECADES systematically abused their power, extorting money, raping and killing Central American migrants passing through Mexico on their way to the US and Canada. Taking advantage of the shameful stance taken by the Central American Governments. They do not even protest in international courts to protect their nationals.
The US government- as usual - has sat idle, looking away from this modern day trail of tears and thus reducing itself to the level of the forementioned governments. When the minutemen came along, there were cries of criticism for their despeakable actions. In the meantime, Mexican minutemen have wracked havoc on passing groups of migrants virtually unchecked from the Mexico-Central American border all the way to tijuana, since the early 1980's. In my opinion, that makes all of us minuteman. If you speak to your Salvadoran maid in Los Angeles there is a 95% chance she was raped by a mexican immigration officer on her way from her home country to your laundry room.

I hope Mexico continues to lecture America on how to handle illegal immigrants.

RIP! So sad! this is not right for any race!

Evil at its worst...

I think that US consumer demand would shrink VERY rapidly if we put a couple of Paris Hilton types in prison for the same length of time the courts issue to black, hispanic, asian and any other minorities for the same drug offenses.

But, these are of the protected class who can buy high-powered attorneys and sway judges with sweet smiles and false promises.

Where is all the MEXICAN HYPOCRITES that always protest for Illegal "Immigrant Rights" ?????

Why don't the Crybaby Mexicans protest this Massacre in MEXICO ????

I guess Si Se Puede only works with Stupid Americans and Stupid Obama.

As a Salvadoran I know that there is no such thing as a "witness protection program" in El Salvador, and I know enough about the Central American region to assert that such a thing does not exist in Honduras, Guatemala, etc. I truly hope the government of Ecuador does the right thing by the young man who survived this tragedy, but I'm sure that the Honduran survivor won't fare as well.
People migrate from their countries knowing all too well of the risks associated with the trip to the north. The fact that they still take the risks speaks to the sub-human conditions which drive them out of their homeland to begin with.
Instead of harping the same old song about immigration reform, let's focus on what drives people away from their home countries. Believe me when I say that if they had a choice to live fulfilling lives in their homeland the majority of people would never dream of migrating to another country.


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