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Unrest grips Ecuador, threatening President Rafael Correa


In a violent day of chaos, Ecuadoran security forces protesting cuts in their benefits took to the streets and are threatening the government of President Rafael Correa.

The government declared a state of emergency after Correa was confronted by angry police officers.  He  shouted defiantly from a window to demonstrators: "If you want to kill the president, here he is! Kill him, if you want to! Kill him if you are brave enough!" When Correa attempted to leave the site, tear gas was fired and the president was seen in televised video struggling through a large outdoor scuffle.

On Twitter, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said, "They are trying to topple President Correa. Be on alert people of the Bolivarian Alliance!" Readers can follow live Twitter updates on the unrest at #Ecuador.

Members of the armed forces took over and shut down the airport in Quito, the capital, and clashes were reported in several cities between security forces and civilian Correa supporters. Several news organizations are also reporting that their reporters have been attacked and their equipment damaged.

Ecuador's government has launched an emergency news site tracking the unrest and response in the international community. As of this afternoon, Correa is reportedly in a police hospital, but it is unclear whether he is holed up there or being held against his will. The Los Angeles Times will have more updates soon.

-- Daniel Hernandez in Mexico City

Photo: Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa is carried away after being overcome by tear gas. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

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I am Ecuadorian and I dont want this waki in my country, I already know that the president of Ecuador is a FOLLOWER,,he follows CRAZY Chavez...We are just waiting to see who can help us to take correa and his people out of my country....

Correa is NOT a president. He's a DICTADOR who works for U.S. enemies -- Chavez, Ahmadinejad, and FARC.
As the rest of the Marxist thugs who are destroying Latin America, Correa has multiplied poverty, corruption and violence, while enslaving people.
It would be great if Ecuadorians could FREE themselves from this disgusting dictator, but the army has been bought by Correa and Chavez, so there's little hope. The people can't defend themselves any more.
NO Correa!
NO Chávez!
NO communism!
NO Islamic terrorists like Ahmadinejad!

I am ecuadorian I am really worry about of this.. police officers do not consider that they also have civil relatives who needs protection it is very disapointed that they just lose minds, that kind of people shoud not have weapons in their hands

I cheer my presidente Rafael Correa.. good actitude although not always agree with him but this time he is acting incredible..


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