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Assassination of candidate Rodolfo Torre in Mexico rattles institutions

Rodolfo torre cantu tamaulipas el universal

The killing of a leading candidate for governor in a northern Mexican state just days before an election has rattled political institutions in the country, adding to the challenges faced by President Felipe Calderon as his administration tries to crack down on drug trafficking cartels, The Times reports.

Gunmen ambushed and killed Rodolfo Torre and four members of his campaign Monday as they traveled on a road outside Ciudad Victoria, capital of Tamaulipas state, on the way to a campaign event. The attack drew widespread condemnation from the political parties and Calderon, who blamed "organized crime" without naming a specific group.

Tamaulipas was once the exclusive domain of the Gulf cartel before the gang's enforcement arm, a group known as the Zetas, broke off and began challenging its hold on the region. Officials say the election will continue as planned (link in Spanish) Sunday. Torre was leading in polls; his party has not named a replacement candidate.

Torre, a physician who campaigned on a promise of tougher security in his state and more integration with neighboring Texas, belonged to the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI. His death was the most high-profile political assassination in Mexico since the 1994 killing of presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio, also of the PRI.

In a televised message Tuesday, Calderon called on citizens to stand with the government in its efforts against the cartels. Several top business groups in Mexico asked the government to ensure security and calm in the country, El Universal reports. The Mexican stock exchange dropped 39 points as news of the Tamaulipas attack spread.

“The cartels don't seek a failed state. Rather, they want ‘dual sovereignty,’ that is, to pay off public officials in return for their closing their eyes to criminality," said George W. Grayson, a Mexico expert at the College of William & Mary in Virginia.

-- Daniel Hernandez in Mexico City

Photo: A body lies beside a Rodolfo Torre campaign van in Tamaulipas on Monday. Credit: El Universal

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it's ironic that two people that commented on this article seem to not have read the article or know very little about the drug war that is being fought in Mexico, illegal immigration is unrelated to the drug war, but the saddest statement is by a religious person who has failed to research enough to know that one of the cartel "La Familia" spouse and Evangelical Christian ideology, in fact requires that its members attend Bible studies, to "Putt your faith and hope in Christ and the Word of Almighty God" and to be born Again. While I believe strongly that is a cultish distortion of Christian faith, I think that people that would link these tragic events in Mexico to a failure in faith, really have no have no moral authority over anyone.

Mexico just needs stricter gun laws....

What a joke. These are the people that our government wants us to overlook being here illegally. Philadelphia is so corrupt that the black mayor yesterday stated that the city will no longer cooperate with the federal government by allowing the feds access to names of the illegals when they are convicted of an additional crime while illegally living in Philadelphia. It just adds to the fact that in Philadelphia it is very 'pc' to encourage minorities to break the law.

The Mexican citizens, as with all humans, have no moral authority without faith in Jesus Christ. The majority rule of Roman Catholicism is at the heart of Mexico's malaise.
As long as you argue for the R.C.C. and the Pope over being Born Again with a simple and pure faith in Jesus Christ and begin to read and love the Bible individually, you are part of the problem and will remain impotent against the evil that is rampant in Mexico and the world.
Put your faith and hope in Christ and the Word of Almighty God, not the R.C.C. The difference is that between life and death.


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