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Immigration highlighted in Obama-Calderon meetings

Obama_calderon President Obama is welcoming Mexican President Felipe Calderon to the White House, where immigration reform is expected to dominate the two leaders' discussions.

Obama and Calderon participated in an arrival ceremony on the White House South Lawn on Wednesday morning and are expected to hold a joint news conference later in the day. Later, Obama will host a state dinner for the Mexican leader.

While immigration long has been a source of tension, the controversial Arizona immigration law threatens to add strain to U.S.-Mexican relations. Calderon has condemned Arizona's law, which makes it a state crime to be in the country illegally. Obama has called the law “misguided” and asked the Justice Department to review it.

-- Associated Press

Photo: Obama and Calderon during the official arrival ceremony on the South Lawn at the White House in Washington. Credit: Jim Young / Reuters.

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I'm just glad that Manuel Alderete is using English to covey his ideas which are pretty accurate...However, the Americans of European ancestry will remain in control of this country and every other 1st World Country...

As far as that Mexican guy....He needs to go back and try to start fixing his backward corrupt 3rd World joke of a Nation...Like all 3rd world countries...He should be happy the US returned the occupied Mexico after the Mexican/American war...The US controlled everything north of Mexico City...

Some people are never happy....Be happy...

Don't you just love when foreign leaders come to American soil to denounce OUR LAWS? And since when does Obama need Calderon's approval before talking about changing immigration laws? If Calderon becomes president of the United States, then get his approval. Until then, go fix your own craphole of a country!

Of course it's a State crime to be in Arizona illegally, just as it's illegal to be in California or any other State as a illegal immigrant and it MUST stay that that way. Mexico has their Illegal Immigration Laws which are very severe compared to ours. It's the Law.

Obama clearly lacks the courage to tell Calderon to stuff it. The US is not a bedroom community for Mexico and Calderon needs to work on making his country more livable and productive. Calderon is blindingly hypocritical when he lectures the US on the treatment of illegal aliens. Mexico has one of the most onerous anti immigration laws in the world and deport any they find immediately. They are also highly prejudiced against their indeginous citizens and this clown has the nerve to critize us? The US is by no means perfect but that is no reason to listen to some tin pan official from a 3rd rate country.

I think Barry meant the federal law is 'misguided'.
He should have someone read it for him.
Si Se Puede!!!

Immigration reform why don't you first enforce the laws of the USA. Let the Mexican president spout all he wants as the American people are not wanting the exportation of the violence that infests that country brought here to the USA. He can condemm all he wants as you can see his country is so civilized!

I am a huge Obama supporter, and (having read the law) find the recent AZ immigration law to support racial profiling and racism. Having said that, Obama should tell Calderon to keep his mouth shut and let us Americans solve our own issues. Until Mexico's human rights record improves and its own immigration practices become more humane, its leaders have no business even commenting on our laws. I hope that Obama points out to Calderon that his own country's immigration laws are as bad, if not worse, than ours for immigrants from its southern border.

We should be discussing the illegality of European illegal immigration (invasion) since 1492. Europeans invaded this land to steal land, enslave, and burglarize our resources.

European invaders killed 95% of Indigenous People, stole 100% of the land, and violated the sovereignty of every single Indigenous First Nation Government in the Western Hemisphere. They continue to be proud of the way they invaded and stole this land, shameless in their crimes of murder, slavery, and plunder. There was nothing Christian about their behavior (they claim it was). They didn't come to work for Indigenous People or even to trade ideas and resources.

European-descent people have REFUSED TO ASSIMILATE into Indigenous cultures and governments, clinging to their "Home Country" languages and cultures of Europe. They have refused to intermarry to any significant degree, clinging to White ethnic enclaves and "racial purity" notions. They have insisted on replicating European culture here instead of melting into the Indigenous Population. Europe exported its poverty and lower classes onto us here, instead of FIXING their countries like responsible people.

I say, "No amnesty for Pilgrims or their anchor babies." Let's have a real immigration discussion that includes Europeans, instead of this racist and unilateral monologue that masquerades as "discussion."

Seems like Mexico is telling the US, you must leave you back door opened and unlocked and must allow illegal crossing to go on.

The president should simply bow to Calderon, and all will be well.

President Calderon wants very much for his citizens to continue to be able to come to America, legally or illegally. Mexico received $25 billion last year from it's citizens working in America. That ties it with oil production as it's biggest source of income. The Mexican government has agencies and assists it's citizens with crossing into this country illegally. This NAFTA deal hasn't really worked out as well as they thought it would.

Obama should be preparing his defense against the charges of treason he should be facing.

In response to LA's boycott of AZ, Arizona is threatening LA to pull the plug on the energy Californians buys from them. This boycott thing is getting real interesting!

Remit payments from Mexicans(legal and illegal) in the U.S. is the #3 industry in the Mexican economy. Mexico has reproduced human well beyond sustainability and they see the U.S. as it's population valve and social welfare valve. Mexico has one of the strictest and brutal immigration policies in the world. In Mexico they even have a law making Spanish the OFFICIAL LANGUAGE of the country. The great con being perpetrated against the American people by the liberal media, Democrat AND Republican Party looking for new voters with race politics, and pro illegal immigration racism groups like LULAC, MECHA, LA RAZA will not succeede. Obama, tell Calderon to get his own house in order or you will be vacationing with Arlen Spector real soon!


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