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Mexico protests stiff Arizona immigration measure


The Mexican government has raised its voice against Arizona’s tough new immigration bill. The controversial measure, awaiting Gov. Jan Brewer’s signature to become law, requires people to carry proof of legal status, and requires police to check for it.

Generally, the governments of Mexico and the United States try not to comment on each other’s internal policies. But every now and then, an issue is too hot to ignore. U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano commented the other day that the Mexican army’s presence in violent Ciudad Juarez “hasn’t helped.”

This time, it was Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. Arturo Sarukhan’s turn. In a statement, he said his government views “with great concern” the “potentially grave effects” that Mexican nationals might risk while visiting or working in Arizona.

"The initiatives that criminalize the migratory phenomenon create space for an undue application of the law that amounts to racial profiling," the statement said. The measure could impair commercial, touristic, cultural and friendly ties "that have characterized the relationship of Mexico with Arizona," the statement said.

The full statement is on the Mexican Foreign Ministry's website, in Spanish.

-- Tracy Wilkinson in Mexico City

Photo: Supporters of the Arizona immigration bill rally. Credit: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times

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This new bill is a really hard one for those immigrants without papers (wherever they come from) who live in Arizona and try to have better opportunities. I´m mexica and i think that the Mexican Government should stop criticizing what the USA does and start working to get ist people back home. We Mexicans should also put pressure on our governments to make Our Home a better place with JOBS FOR ALL OF US , á place where we feel SEGUROS, a place with more opportunities, and better education. I´m sure that if WE Mexicans work together we can change the direcction of our country, and we will not have the need to migrate to the USA and suffer discrimination..... VIVA MEXICO!!!!!

What??? AZ does a crackdown of their illegals? What about us, what about CA? I'm here in Los Angeles and these losers politicians watch our city decompose with more signs in spanish and illegals everywhere! we NEEEEED this bill right here ASAP!

Who is Mexico to dictate on U.S. domestic policy? They can't even reign in the Narcos. If we don't start enforcing U.S. imigration laws we'll soon be in the same shape Mexico is.

The whole immigration issue is the same as boiling the frog. The frog wont sense the water as being to hot, until it's too late.

Would you support your in-laws if they move in with an invitation. Than decided to stay permanently, and if they weren't qualified to get a job, decided to live off of you. Than they decided to start having kids, lots of kids. Than they start talking that "maybe your house, is actually theirs"

That is what is going on in California... wake up or be frogs. I live in a small town (under 20,000) north Of Seattle. We have a Mexican radio station, and is listed as a hot spot for Mexican drug cartel activity by the DEA!

Mark Stevens
Arlington, Washington

WON"T Get fooled again in 2010! Vote out all Incumbants!

Governor Brewer has requested help formally 5 Times from the white house.... and has heard nothing.

The Protesters at the state capitol were bussed in from Los Angeles.
We need the US government to do their job.

We want a BORDER FENCE and Enforcement the same as Mexico does with Americans.

Simple solution...take your mexican nationals and get them home in mexico.

I just want to make sure I have this straight. Mexicans come in the USA ILLEGALLY by either overstaying their visas (guests) or just breaking into this sovereign nation we call the USA. They demand citizenship while they march with foreign flags as if somehow the USA is a motel. BTW what hypocrites. You fly the flag of the country you can not even live in and show loyalty to while the USA takes and provides for you.

They refuse to learn the language that so many legal immigrants learn. Sure they pay some taxes but it does not equal what we pay to educate their kids. The cost of schooling for a LA pupil PER YEAR is $ 6,299. Take that number and multiply it by the 5-8 kids they have and tell one illegal alien family that pays that into the system?

Take into account that they live with 4 families in one house. So the property tax you would normally get from 4 families is loss and is now just 1. I have not even touched healthcare and crime. We have lots of people either doing crimes to US citizens or in prison serving time at a cost to the US citizen who should not even be here in the first place.

So please broke down mexico tell us the USA how we should operate our country and our immigration policy. I think we should do as you have done to guatemalans over the years and be harsh--very harsh on illegals. Mexico has no right to dictate to us what we do with their people who broke in our country and should not even be here. This is called a country people.


I've always been told and shown at work that safety is first the interest of the citizens of both countries
just sign the bill.Its a sad decision to make but when US citizens are being killed by others from another country. Its depressing knowing that the USA just sits on theirs asses in Washington knowing that since 2006 over 15,000 people have died because of the lack of real protective measures along the southern border.I know their my people but if drugs are going to be the root cause of thousands dying then we need to take whatever measures possible to assure the safety of real US citizens everywhere.

No, these folks are not "criminals." They are only breaking the immigration law of the United States. What happens if a US citizen decides to set up residence in Mexico, or any other country, without applying for a Visa? Just wondering..... The whole "racial profiling" argument is one of those spurious claims that muddy the waters. If most of the people breaking our laws are of a certain race, then they are "profiling" themselves! Solution -- just don't come here illegally. Once you are here we just want to know who you are and what you are doing while here. Seems reasonable enough.

ROFLMAO!!! Mexico is protesting what Arizona does??? Are you freaking serious?

Hey Mexico, in case you didn't know have NO SAY WHAT A STATE WANTS TO DO!

So settle down there Skippy and remember that you're nothing more than a lawless nation of people trying to leave you because, well, you suck.

Mexico can't stand that Arizona is finally had it with the failure of
the U.S. government to secure our border with Mexico !
Arizona will not be ruled by demands from Mexico to
let millions of illegal aliens continue to invade the USA
and not be subject to the laws of the United States!
I Know the L.A. Times sides with Mexico on this
but who pulls the strings at our once great Newspaper

Why does a foreign (Mexican) ambassador think hisself or any other Mexican politan entitled to comment about the United States of America's laws and the view and rights of the citizens of the United States of America to defend and protect their borders from intruders who pillage the United States of America's National Trust, Schools, Hospitals and Social Services; who pollute, defame and rabid attempts to trash our land as they have their own country's. Fix Mexico and maybe your citizens will earn your respect and stay within your borders!!

This drastic measure that Arizonians have implemented is the direct result of the laxed immigration policy of the several administrations in Washington. If our immigration laws had been enforced as they' re supposed to, we would not have some 15 to 20 million illegal aliens roaming in our states drawing billions of dollars for services and the cost of imprisonment of criminal gangs. Now we are faced with having to fight the Obama administration from granting amnesty and thus vecious cycle will continue. Mexico has one of the most draconian immigration enforcement policies when it comes to anyone crossing into their country without proper documentation. They have no valid argument when it comes to enforcing ours.

If the Mexican Government is angry about this law, then you know it's a good law. They (the Mexican Government) should be the last one's to speak about their own people who they cannot even provide for. Their #2 GDP is the money sent back by those here both legally and illegally. Their government is a disgrace, and the people of Mexico deserves better than to have an inept and incompetent government.

Sign the bill Jan.


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