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Futbol drama: The long, strange journey of the Mexican World Cup team

Mexican national coach Javier Aguirre released his preliminary World Cup roster Tuesday, and his decisions were full of surprises, both for who made the list and for who didn't. Among the 17 selected were sure picks, such as goalkeeper Memo Ochoa, defenders Efrain Juarez and Jonny Magallon and forwards Cuauhtemoc Blanco and Javier Hernandez. But among those joining them in next month's training camp were two players who were anything but sure bets: No. 3 goalkeeper Oscar Perez and forward Miguel Sabah.

The Times' Kevin Baxter has been following the team from when all Aguirre would say about the roster was, "The list includes people and lacks people." For more on El Tri's journey to South Africa, you can read Baxter's coverage of the team's preparations for the World Cup, or his profile of Javier Hernandez, who is attempting to become a third-generation member of the national team. But even Baxter can't explain why nearly 1 in 5 Mexicans surveyed said they believed the national team would reach the World Cup final in South Africa when Mexico has never gotten past the quarterfinals -- and the team has not gone that far in 26 years.

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Mexico will not get out of the group stages. The French will muster just enough effort to edge out the Mexicans 1-0. Against Uruguay, it will be a matter of which team can get in the greater number of fistcuffs. The Uruguayan Diego Lugano is enough of a miscreant to bruise and batter the Mexican strikers. The Uruguayans will also wind-up the Mexican Rafa Marquez to ensure that he is sent-off. Mexico v. Uruguay will end 2-0 in favor of Uruguay. Mexico will be done to 9 men by the 50th minute.

I'm pretty sure Sabah wont make the final roster. he has carlos vela, giovanni, franco and nery castillo in front of him.

Si Se Puede?!

Probably because we (the 20%)have faith in our team! 11 contra 11, anything can happen! VIVA MEXICO Y EL TRI!!


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