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Hawaii reports no apparent tsunami damage

Shore A tsunami triggered by a massive earthquake in Chile surged across Hawaii on Saturday, churning up sediment with minor waves and tidal surges, but causing no apparent damage.

The National Tsunami Warning Center canceled a tsunami alert that prompted the evacuation of nearly 100,000 residents and tourists and emptied the state's beaches on a warm, sunny weekend morning.

"I think we've dodged a bullet," Gerard Fryer of the National Tsunami Warning Center told reporters in Honolulu.

"We've been watching the gauges, and the wave heights are below danger levels everywhere." But he cautioned swimmers against returning to the ocean for at least several hours because of the danger of strong currents.

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Photo: People gather along Tantalus Drive in Honolulu to watch Oahu's southern shore in anticipation of a possible tsunami. Credit: Kent Nishimura / Getty Images.
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I hope this dont mean 2012 is coming!!!


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