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Mexico mourns death of tycoon Moises Saba Masri in helicopter crash

Moises Saba Masri, one of Mexico's leading entrepreneurs, and part of his family were killed in a helicopter crash that authorities are blaming preliminarily on bad weather.

The charred bodies of Saba, his wife Adela Tuachi, their son Alberto and his wife Judith were recovered early today in a wooded residential neighborhood near the Toluca International Airport, 35 miles west of Mexico City, where the helicopter went down. The pilot, Armando Fernandez, also died.

Saba, 46, a member of one of Mexico's wealthiest families, directed numerous businesses, with most of his fortune in real estate and telecommunications. He was also a principal shareholder of TV Azteca.

The Sabas had returned Sunday night from a vacation in New York, arriving at the Toluca airport, which is often used to avoid the hectic Mexico City airport. Their private helicopter, the transportation mode favored by Mexico's elite, was to take them to their homes in the capital.

But the hills between Toluca and Mexico City were shrouded in fog Sunday night. Witnesses reported seeing the chopper flying unusually low, then clipping a three-story house before plunging into a ravine and exploding.

"This is a terrible loss for the city and the nation," said Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, who went to the scene. President Felipe Calderon also expressed condolences to the family and Mexico City's Jewish community, of which Saba was an active member. 

A longer obituary, in Spanish, can be read here.

-- Tracy Wilkinson in Mexico City

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We are all sad that Mr. Moises Saba Masri died in a helicopter crash outside of Mexico City. But, my alarm is for the millions of people in Mexico who die slowly for the low wages that people like Mr. Masri pay to his employees. Millions of people in Mexico get by on 2 dollars per day! Some are forced to volunteer to bag groceries at Mega and Walmart for tips.

While Mr. Moises Saba Masri and his family can afford to helicopter from skyscraper to skyscraper millions are disregarded for pure profit.

May he be well remembered!

Moises Saba, Was killed if you follow the chain on the business he was trying to acquire, and the MONOPOLY he was affecting. You'll agree in that he was killed (Monopoly = Carlos Slim (face of Carlos Salinas), and all the relation in companies and how Mr. Saba wasn't part of that Monopoly.
The helicopter in which he dies, is just almost impossible to crash the way they say it was, the high quality of the unit and the high quality of maitenance that Mr. Saba assigned to transport his family = HE WAS MURDER FOR THE THINGS HE KNEW AND THE INTEREST (TO SALINAS) THAT HE WAS AFFECTING. Mexico is slave for this Monopoly. Check the relation betewen all this people (Slim, Azcarraga, Salinas, Salinas Pliego, Aldir, Chain, and many others you will see the result on what a Monopoly mean for Mexico, this people controlled the country, they can do whatever they want, The Monopoly is growing and little by little i sgetting in USA, Justc check the relation of this people with: Sears, Sacks Fifth Avenue, Compusa, and one of the parteners BillGates) so just wait a little bit, they will be here soon.

Just like Juan Camilo MouriƱo and Vaconcelos... All powerful people in Mexico.


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