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Haiti quake relief: More celebrities line up to help

Jolie Wyclef Jean -- after encouraging support for Haiti on Tuesday via CNN and Twitter -- is now in his earthquake-stricken homeland, "focusing on family, Yele staff and response." (The Yele Haiti Foundation, his charity, was established in 2005.)

Last night the Ministry of Gossip blog published a list of celebrities who were speaking out on Twitter. Even more  are stepping up and expressing their concern.

Adam Lambert issued a sincere plea to give even the smallest amount to UNICEF; Lindsay Lohan gave Yele a shout-out (though the State Department number she gave is for families to get information, not for donations), and Wil Wheaton was back with a timely reminder to watch out for scammers. Alyssa Milano was also back this morning with informed sympathy and a plea to text donations to Yele.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who've helped the people of Haiti in the past, issued a statement Tuesday night.


-- Christie D'Zurilla

Haiti photos
Photo gallery: Earthquake hits Haiti | Twitter: Reports from Haiti | Resources: How to help

Top photo: Angelina Jolie and Wyclef Jean, lifting a little girl, aren't new to helping Haitians -- this is a shot of them in Port-au-Prince on Jan. 13, 2006, celebrating his charity's first anniversary. Credit: Brennan Leslie / Associated Press.

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They need clean water, food for their kids and themselves, facilities for hygiene. We can also pray, prayers are powerful and there are millions of us- imagine the effect of millions of prayers for them.we all can at least prayalthough it's a choice.

Adam Lambert asked us to give what we can. It is really sad what happened. I've sent what I could to the YHF. I will keep them in my prayers.


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