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Images streaming out of Haiti after devastating earthquake

Rescuers are combing the ruins after an earthquake shook much of Haiti on Tuesday afternoon. Destruction extends from slums to the presidential palace in Port-au-Prince, where bodies lie in the streets. International relief efforts are beginning to take shape.


Before and after images of the Presidential Palace in Port-au-Prince (Twitpics by Lisandro Suero)

Images are streaming in from Haiti via social networks documenting the aftermath of Tuesday's magnitude 7.0 earthquake centered near Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, and numerous aftershocks around the country.


Here are some resources and tips on how you can help Haitians, via the Associated Press.


Follow our Haiti Quake Twitter list of 55 people in, around and involved with Haiti and relief efforts for live updates.

View Haiti earthquake in a larger map

Here's the latest from our La Plaza blog: Early assessment of Haiti quake: Damage centered around Port-au-Prince

-- Andrew Nystrom / @AdNys

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I was in Haiti in the late 80's my uncle worked for UN and invited me it was a country of such contrast . Some of the resorts were still functioning and just beautiful , lovely vegation and many "rich" individuals living the life. Then there were the kids picking through garbage piles ( that is how garbage was handeled piles here and there) but I must say I rode the "tat-taps" sort of taxi went into town at night etc.. and though many had a hand out for coins I never felt the slightest fear for my safty as I do in parts of Gainesville, Ga. So much suffering for that country 60 miles north and would have been Miami...

very sad


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