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CNN video shows Anderson Cooper carrying a boy to safety

The Showtracker blog reports today on instances of the media becoming part of the story in Haiti.

In a story in today's edition, we explored the question of whether the medical correspondents for the television networks should be assisting the wounded in Haiti as they cover the story of the aftermath of last week's devastating earthquake.

CNN on Monday aired another example of a journalist intervening to help, showing graphic footage of anchor Anderson Cooper dragging an injured boy away from a chaotic scene of looting. As the stunned boy tried to wipe the blood from his face, Cooper put his hand on his shoulder. "It's OK, it's OK," he said, looking around frantically for someone to help.

Continue reading CNN's Anderson Cooper carries bloody boy away from looters in Haiti.


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Anderson Cooper is a hero.

Of Course Mr. Cooper did the right thing. How can an adult see a child in trouble and not try to help? Regardless of occupation.

I dunno. maybe
Nice to drag him away a bit. Looks sincere.
But....... " they don't know what happened to the kid"?

Let me guess, someone gave him first aid,
and the cut is slowly healing as I write this,
or he bled to death, or he will die from infection of the wound.
No qualified EMT? believe it.
I would think that Anderson could have taken off his tee shirt
and applied direct pressure to the child's head to stop the bleeding.
Then hustled him off with his crew for further treatment.

I was hoping for more as I read the headline.
He has certainly done more than I have.
Thank you for what you did Mr. Cooper.

Anderson Cooper is the most compasionate person I watch as much as possible. Once again he shows the strength of his convictions. His family has every reason to be proud.As a viewer and american I am so proud to say he is from our country.

A show of class by a guy that I'll admit I almost never watch.

There are always snarky comments after something like this happens, largely from people who are powerless to do anything themselves and may be a touch bitter about that. When something like this happens though all you can ask of a journalist is to do something that resembles what a human being is supposed to do when confronted with such a problem, and I think Cooper did that.

Hope the kid is okay.

Oh! the proper American hero, saving the world!

Let's get WalMart on the scene - they seem to be able to get products to the customer in a timely manner - there are way too many constraints in getting medical add NOW.

David Gawlik

I can not express how much your involvement has encouragaded me! I wish I was able to travel and help hands on but
i can not afford to do so, I have given what
I can financially and
I believe that your show is important to show the world true reallity! You are an amazing man and want to thank you personally for doing what so many of us yearn to do!

It is so nice to see Jounalists who can stop being a jounalist for one moment to be human and help another person out!! Anderson Cooper, you are a wonderful and heroic person, as well as a gorgeous person too :O)

God bless the People of Haiti during this time.
God bless anyone who is helping them as well!!
May everyone else realize that they have been already blessed because this did NOT happen to them!!!


In an ideal situation, a correspondent should not have to involve himself with anything else other than obtaining footage but the situation in Haiti is not ideal. If there was a choice between helping/saving somebody or filming, I would choose to help someone. If I had the chance to save someone and didn't I would always wonder what could have happened and blamed myself if the person I could have saved died.

Another great and heroic act by an amazing and selfless journalist! Anderson Cooper you are an outstanding journalist, but more importantly you are an outstanding human being. You showed courage, heart and kindness to a boy who may not have had any help or someone to turn to. What you and Dr. Gupta are doing for the Haitian people is remarkable. Stay safe and God Bless you!

omg that makes me look at this whole Haiti's sitituation differently at first i was like why do the Americans care about them but looking at what they go through is crazy and for anderson cooper jumping in and saving that kid is AMAZING...GOD BLESS

I have a new found respect for CCN's anchor Anderson Cooper for jumping into action, risking his own safety and dragging an injured boy away from a chaotic scene of looting in Haiti. Nuff respect Anderson.

"we explored the question of whether the medical correspondents for the television networks should be assisting the wounded in Haiti as they cover the story of the aftermath of last week's devastating earthquake."

Uhh...I'm sorry...What?? Why the hell shouldn't/wouldn't they?? Not like I have any respect for journalists or anything...but who the hell wouldn't help some boy bleeding profusely from the head? What kind of question is that?

Good Work Anderson, Many reasons why you are the best in the business, but your today showed your class and compassion.

i saw this yesterday on the news and it made me admire him even more. Anderson Cooper is already my favorite journalist for his reporting skills, but this shows me most importantly that he has a heart. I really appreciate all that Sanjay Gupta and everyone else from CNN is doing too...hands on journalism for sure

On behalf of the Haitian people I want to thank CNN for their full coverage after the earthquake in Haiti.
Special thanks to the # 1 journalist Anderson Cooper
& the # 1 doctor Sanjay Gupta
May God bless CNN
May God bless America

Rev Dr Ernest Duval \ Senior pastor Maranatha Church West P
Senior pastor of Maranatha Church West palm beach

By sending them money, food, and medicine, etc. without the ability to maintain law and order, we are just adding to the turmoil because they will steal and even kill for it. Until law and order is reestablished, the aid should be halted.

Anderson Cooper is good to not just stand by and watch the news through the lens... it is scary to think about the danger reporters put themselves in for the sake of getting the news.

wow anderson did agood job happy he wasn't hurt

I listened to Anderson Cooper go on and on for about 45 minutes yesterday, about all the mistakes the U.S. had made in it's Haiti relief effort.
Maybe the U.S. should recall the 82nd Airborne, the three Navy ships and the U.S. Marines that have been sent in, If the U.S. is screwing things up so bad??

My advice to Mr. Cooper, shut your pie hole and let everyone get on with the relief/rescue efforts!!!


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