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Government officials in Peru apologize for discrimination against blacks

Discrimination against blacks in Peru remains "a barrier for social, economic, labor and educational development," according to a government resolution published Saturday.

Government officials apologized to Afro-Peruvians for centuries of abuse and exclusion, according to media reports.

The government hopes to promote the "true integration" of Peru's multicultural population, said Nidia Vilchez, minister of women and social development, the Associated Press reported.

The ancestors of Afro-Peruvians began arriving in the 1500s, often as slaves of Spanish conquistadors.

-- Efrain Hernandez Jr.

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Um, that's all fine and dandy....but isn't the use of the word "blacks" a bit racist in itself?

Posted by: Emily | December 03, 2009 at 01:16 PM

What an air head you are! Emily
Blacks,Whites,Indians,etc are words to identify the race of a person(s)
I am happy for you that you are living in Peru and that you are learning to be a street smart 'cause I wasted sometime reading your blog and came to the conclusion... well,whatever Peace out!

Great! First Victory for Justice! on this affair Every Nation that has discriminated humans because of different race,religion,sexual preference ought to help them to have a better academic education to prove to themselves and to the nation they belong how important they are for the society they serve and protect.

Um, that's all fine and dandy....but isn't the use of the word "blacks" a bit racist in itself?

The White & Mestizo communities of Peru have no sincere intentions whatsoever in helping to improve the lot of their black countrymen by treating them more equitably i.e. like human beings. Much of this about-face is little more than lip-service in response to Obama's ascendancy to the white house. They think this cool and calculated step might inspire some benevolent gesture in their favor by his administration.

A simple apology however, doesn't confirm an erasure of the centuries-old practice of racism. A sincere apology is buffeted by substantive changes - all of which, has not and is not taking place in Peru. In fact, one can more reasonably expect an escalation in the exploitation and marginalization of blacks by various underhanded methods in the hopes that this will stave off the undesired effects of a declining global economy.

Finally the Peruvian blacks are getting their recognition. It has take too long, but it is better now than never.


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