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Pacquiao thanks Latinos for their support

Just days before his highly anticipated fight against Puerto Rican champion Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas, Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao looks a little distracted this time. 

Pacquiao’s fans, most of them Filipino, filled the Montalban Theater in Hollywood in a send-off for their idol organized by Nike. Pacquiao also took the stage to sing with Melissa R.

Before going on stage, Pacquiao told HOY that he understands the responsibilities of his worldwide fame. The interview took place in a small room with his trainer, Freddie Roach, and about 20 others, including some family members.

The ‘Pacman’ thanked Latino fans for their support. “Les quiero agradecer a los mexicanos” (I want to thank Mexicans), he said in Spanish, when asked about his growing popularity in this community.

Pacquiao said he’s not surprised that so many Latinos admire him, even though nine of his last 10 victories were against Mexican fighters, including greats such as Oscar De La Hoya, Juan Manuel Márquez and Erik Morales.

— Ricardo Lopez/HOY

To read the full story in Spanish this Friday, visit
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Filipinos are the closest thing to Mexicans in Asia. We were colonized by Spain thus the similarity in language and the ease of which we can pronounce Spanish words. In addition, our history suggests also the same religion, a great majority are of Catholic denomination. There are many other comparisons to cite, the point is we understand the Mexican culture and can appreciate it.

indeed, many thanks for the sportsmanship displayed by our Mexican brothers and sisters.

Filipino, not spelled "Phillipino", are the people living or citizens of the Philippines and Pilipino is the national language.

Pacman didn't only speaks in spanish (“Les quiero agradecer a los mexicanos”) but also sung "La Bamba" to the audience.

Back to his homeland he also do acting and singing and can speak english (despite a high school drop-out) unlike most latino boxers who needs an interpreter. That's how multi-talended manny is.


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