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'Family Guy' offends in Venezuela

The animated series "Family Guy" is the latest American media export to offend the Venezuelan government.

Global Post reports that Stewie Griffin, one of the characters in the show, caused outrage by singing a ditty lauding marijuana’s restorative properties.

"The Venezuelan government highlighted the clip as an example of how the U.S. government promotes pot smoking and the legalization of drugs. Venezuela resented a recent U.S. Congress report that said a fourfold increase in cocaine smuggling through Venezuela has been aided by police corruption and a refusal to work with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration."

Read more about it here.

"Family Guy" is not the first cartoon to ruffle officials' feathers in Venezuela. Last year, "The Simpsons" was banned from broadcast television after it was ruled “unsuitable” for children. 

-- Deborah Bonello in Mexico City

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Hugo should smoke a j and chill out.

Of course "Family Guy" is offensive, but it's very funny too. I have an idea: If you don't like it, don't watch it.(Wow, what a novel idea!)

Valid medicinal value, it’s a victimless crime, the War on Drugs WAY too costly, too many arrests for simple possession, tax it and use the money to pay for health insurance and to reduce the deficit…Need I say more?

Woodstock Universe supports legalization of Marijuana for a number of reasons. Check them out and vote in our poll "Should marijuana be legalized?" at

Current poll results: 96% for legalization…4% opposed

Peace, love, music, one world,

Hugo Chavez offends in most of the rest of the world.

What passes for 'entertainment' in a 'free and open democracy', like America, is causing most of western 'image' problems in the world.

Third world peoples are so desirous of American 'culture', they're willing to fight the US armed forces to keep it out.


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