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Cartoonists take on illegal immigration

Steve sack

"The now-infamous Capitol shout-out from South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson was blogged, scribed, tubed and 'tooned to death, but precious little commentary actually dealt with illegal immigration, the spark that lit his short fuse. Steve Sack took a shot at needling irrational nationalists taking needless shots. John Branch signed off on a huge multibillion-dollar border checkpoint. And Matt Bors used borderline taste in his verbose abortion piece.(Guess that Bors dude is sick and un-American.)"

-- Joel Pett

Joel Pett is the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist for the Lexington Herald-Leader in Kentucky. His cartoons also appear in USA Today.

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Cartoon: Steve Sack / Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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I say let's deport ALL illegal aliens of every nationality, Don't just target one specific race. There are people here that, as they say, "come from money" that defraud our the system everyday. Take a drive to Glendale and visit the social security office or welfare and you will see first hand people driving BMWs and Mercedes all the while receiving food stamps, section 8 and other Govt assistance. I don't hear any one of you so-called patriots raising hell over that. And another thing, if you're going to post statistics or reports about the impact of illegal immigration please do so but stick to the facts. So many reports with these "facts" that are blown way out of proportion. Bottom line immigration reform is needed.

We should get rid all illegal aliens. Starting from the ones that came here 200 years ago. Hello anybody here?

A cartoon highlighting biology is completely lost on people who are proudly xenophobic and want a completely unrealistic policy like "closed borders." These people either got C's or failed high school biology and never go beyond watching the morning weather report in their interaction with science.

But bravo for this cartoon. If some French tourist brings the bubonic plague, screw Frenchie, right? Besides, what has the bubonic plague ever done to us? But those Mexicans, oh man...grrr. LOL

In Europe you need a passport just to check into a hotel. In Mexico you need to prove you are a mexican citizen to get a job or register in school. CONCLUSION, do the same here in the U.S. require everyone to show they can legally work here. Period!

its very simple. stop exchanging money and weapons for drugs. a wall wouldnt keep the people that really want to come here, get here.

I think Americans tend to take the whole illegal immigration piece a bit far. Yes its an important issue that should be addressed, but using it as a compelling argument to shoot down a public option is a bit beyond what ootzpah of the controversy. Looking at it from the context of health care, hospitals cannot deny care to anyone, uninsured or not, illegal or not. Treatment must still be paid for, yet illegals are far less likely to be insured (try never). So who pays for it? In those that can pay for it do, whether through our insurance premiums, our deductibles, or just the rate for each treatment. So yes, we should curb illegal immigration, but the point about how we don't want to pay for their health care should be a moot one, because we already do.

L.A. County welfare for kids of illegal aliens tops $48 million in June

I agree that illegal immigration is wrong because it only seems to benefit the drug cartels in Mexico, who in turn provide Americans the opportunity to engage in all types of vile immoral behaviors. Why do drug cartels in Mexico exist? Maybe because America is the number one country in the world for drug consumption . . . cheers mates!

Until Americans don't do something about it, there will always be criminals willing to supply this heavy demand, always at the expense of the people of the country supplying the drugs; thus, I don't believe illegals "lack the testicular fortitude to attempt to make a stand and fix the problems in their respective countries," but that Americans lack the moral conviction to address the problem of drug consumption amongst Americans.

And in case anyone is wondering how this would create illegal immigration, realize that Mexico has been in a civil war for many years because of the drug business. Situations of war and chaos always foster refugees. Unfortunately, illegal immigration is one of the many negative consequences of America's willingness to support Mexico as the silk road for immoral pleasures.

Similarly, the United States has pilfered all the natural resources it can get it's hands on and left, just like the pittances the "illegal immigrants" are taking from the richest country in the world. The military budget pales in comparison with the money lost on "illegals". Call a spade a spade, don't compare apples with grapes.

We have destroyed countries upon countries with our dictators, and now we are suprised that their citizens want to come to our country. Wake up and change the foreign policy and then build a wall around the country, then we will see who will be poorer for it.





See, that's all ilegal alien supporters can do...attempt to make illegal immigration a petty issue.
The issue is the consistent taking and taking by illegal aliens in our country. They have no respect for our values, our morals or our laws. They only come for money. They lack the testicular fortitude to attempt to make a stand and fix the problems in their respective countries, instead, they sneak into our country like rats in the darkness. And, when we resist their insiduous attempts at taking our jobs, filling our schools, exhausting our resources in emergency rooms and draining our country of its character, they burn our flag, call us racist, their supporters call us un-American and worse.
No, the pundits just think it's another comical issue.

This would be amusing if my child had not caught TB from an illegal alien kid at school.

Our county health person said that the country had wiped out TB ... until the influx of illegal aliens.

There is an reason for our immigration laws... legal immigrants have to pass a heath check.

Those that support illegal immigration are supporting the spread of disease, as well as undermining the prinicples on which this country was founded.. the rule of law.

Legal immigrants = welcome them with open arms.

Foreigners here illegally = deport them

If they need emergency medical care, give it to them and once stable, deport them.

NO ON IN AMERICA SHOULD BE ABOVE THE LAW... no matter how much illegal aliens think they should be.

Typical pro-illegal alien screed from the Open Borders Times, which apparently isn't losing readership fast enough to please its management. Hint to the Times: There are few English-speaking people left in SoCal who are sympathetic to illegals. So either change your format to Spanish or ditch the relentless pro-illegal drumbeat.


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