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Hernandez to 'tweet' from Discovery in space

Jose_Mex_Portrait_web If you want to get the latest developments about the launch of the space shuttle Discovery and the adventures of its crew, specifically Jose Hernandez, the California-born son of Mexican immigrants and now a national hero here in Mexico, you can sign up to follow Hernandez's Twitter feed.

Hernandez is already posting updates on the micro-blogging site about his preparations for take-off and developments concerning the delayed launch of the space shuttle in both English and Spanish.

Yesterday, just before the Discovery's planned launch, Hernandez tweeted: "Folks this is my last tweet before I go into space! Will start to suit up in 30 minutes, listen to weather brief and head to the pad!"

But a few hours later, after the launch was delayed because of bad weather, his update was: "Well back [at] crew quarters! Try again tomorrow at 1:10:22 am!"

On Monday, Hernandez even tweeted about the chat he had with Mexico's president, saying: "Had a nice phone conversation with President Felipe Calderon of Mexico. He wished me good luck on our launch schedule for this Tuesday am."

It's hard to imagine Hernandez sending messages from a mobile phone or laptop when he's wearing his full astronaut gear, but once he and his fellow crew members are in orbit, those messages couldn't really be coming from anyone else.

And we can only assume that he and his colleagues have been set up with an Internet connection from which to tweet.

Discovery is scheduled to blast off at 1:10 a.m. Wednesday, according to the NASA website.

-- Deborah Bonello in Mexico City

Photo: From Jose Hernandez's Twitter profile.

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que pasa

Hi Jose, Its Erika From Chicago -Devry Maes Chicago Im glad you made it sky high just like Kanye West song. See you at the top. I know you worked hard for what you do. That is why I like to support good causes like Education. Polite and Powerful Children's Foundation

You are absolutely correct, pcortega.

Mr. Shinn's class in Lodi, California is waiting and watching for any news about the Discovery Launch. Go Mr. Hernandez! Your hometown folks are watching.

Mr. Shinn's 5th grade class-Nichols school -Lodi, California

Since presidente Calderon is so proud, he should send NASA a nice $1 billion (USD) check.

Mexico should be sad not proud. Hernandez is a product of USA education, training and the "can do" spirit.

Mexico had nothing to do with the success of Hernandez becoming an astro unless you count his parents leaving Mexico to pursue a better life in the US as to what led to his success.


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