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Fiction series on Mara Salvatrucha wins Webby Award

Filmmaker fascination with the violent Mara Salvatrucha street gangs continues, and this time it's a Web fiction series that's garnering attention.

"The Ten Commandments of la Vida Loca, " a Web series of short fiction films that tell the story of two brothers who decide to join the Mara Salvatrucha, will receive the Webby Award for best drama series during a ceremony in New York this evening. You will be able to see clips of the event on the Webby Awards YouTube channel. 

The fiction series was funded by Filmaka, an online global creative organization that focuses on "inspiring and rewarding creativity and talent by providing professional opportunities for directors and writers all around the world," according to its website.

The winning Web series was created by the Mexico City-based team of Luis Bernal Salazar (direction), Rodrigo Lopez Aldana (photography) and Arturo Gonzalez Alonso (production).

Webby Awards are considered among the highest honors for Web-based content, and the series is the only foreign-language project to win an award in the 13th annual contest.

"The Ten Commandments of la Vida Loca" is one of numerous projects in the last year that focused on the Mara Salvatrucha gangs.

Most recently, we featured the documentary by Christian Poveda called "La Vida Loca," for which the director spent 16 months filming the gangs in San Salvador.

The feature film "Sin Nombre," currently running in cinemas in Mexico, also features Mara Salvatrucha gang members in a story that crosses borders and tackles the hot-button issue of immigration between Latin America and the United States.

Last year, Spanish photographer Isabel MuƱoz documented the gangs in prisons in El Salvador in an exhibition that showed in Mexico City.

--Deborah Bonello in Mexico City

*Edited at 5pm Mexico City time. The award ceremony is on Monday 8th June.

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Yep, 2012. In the bag with culture like this running amok. Yep lets just glorify it.

Obviously you missed the dialouge becacue you were too busy identifying local slang. Or is it maybe that you haven't noticed that Mara Salvatrucha has spread to over 8 countries. All with there own variation on the spanish language, all local thugs with a global banner in MS13.

Yay, yipee, more fear violence and murder. We can't get enough, even though the real thing is right outside the front door. Let's keep it coming, keep showing ourselves ugly, sick images so we can squirm and shudder but eventually relax because it's happening to someone else, not us, until one day... Look, gangs are for losers, just like the mafia is for losers and our fascination with ignorant, brutal losers is for losers, but it makes such great drama let's give it an award--Biggest Loser.

oye vos,
Rofl, funny hearing that vid above spoken in MEXICAN SPANISH< Head on over to San Sal and hear some real MS13 Slang instead of Mexicans taking the salvadoreƱismos away from Guanaco language and replacing it with their stupid vato loco miel.

White Fence was another gang that ruled part of Hollywood when I was there, and the Ivar Hawks crossed swords with them a couple of times. It was usually over graffiti, but once it was over the life of a man who had been my friend when MS met in Griffith Park and put out a green light on him, meaning they could kill him. We used the media to fight back, get police protection, make them acknowledge their threat and force them on the defensive briefly. But MS was something else. Their reputation was much worse. Dopwn on Western Ave. where their territory began near Santa Monica Blvd., there was little enthusiasm for painting out their graffiti, but a few brave souls did it. One of the most persistent was a woman, a former Sheriff's dispatcher, who did it by herself as often as not. We knew they were stone-cold killers and had done thier warm-up in the killing fields of El Salvador during the Reaqan era. Somehow, it never came to any big confrontation with MS as it did with White Fence, The Rebels, the Magicians Club, Alky Boyz and 18th Street. They were just too powerful to face head-on, and there was no leverage.

Well another feather in the hat of negative outlooks on Hispanic culture.

I understand fiction, I understand wanted to get paid, but I dont understand why you would glorify the nature of an ugly reality. MS13 is real, gangs are real, and what they do is real. its not good for anyone, and the only things images voices like this do is keep the chain of the curse alive.

Its time for the Hispanic community to stand up and speak out against not only movies and videos like this, but the gangs as well..


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