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Documentary drives Dole Food Co. bananas

In the eyes of Swedish documentary filmmaker Fredrik Gertten, his documentary "Bananas!" is a balanced, nuanced depiction of a trial pitting Nicaraguan banana plantation workers and a prominent L.A. attorney against a powerful multinational agribusiness, reports Reed Johnson.

"It is a classical David-Goliath story," the director said in a phone interview last week.

In the eyes of Dole Food Co., Gertten's film is an egregiously flawed document based on what Dole lawyer Scott Edelman calls "a phony story" that has been discredited by the allegedly fraudulent conduct of Juan J. Dominguez, the L.A. attorney at the film's center. Dole, the world's largest producer of fruits and vegetables, is vowing to sue the filmmaker and the Los Angeles Film Festival for defamation if it screens the movie this week.

Read more of Johnson's report here and watch the trailer above.

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The story is true - we live in Nicaragua and visit the farm country outside of Leon every week. We personally know people who have died from Nemagon exposure, we know people who are now sick and taking IV meds to stay alive, and we see a "camp" of people living in plastic tents in Managua (who are there protesting until they die). The lawyers who defend AND the companies who shipped this chemical AFTER THEY KNEW it was harmful are all culpable. They judge now; they'll be judged later. This is real and it is not hidden here. Kudos to the makers/producers of the film. Not many people in the USA hear much about Nicaragua nor the hardships they live, right? Why? Is it possibly because many of the problems are borne of corporate greed? The attempt to ban this film (or any film) that exposes truth clearly says yes. Why not let freedom of press reign and let the people research and decide. Google "Nemagon" and you will begin to understand. But for corporate America to deny culpability and then try to hide exposure of truth is without excuse.


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