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Mexican state declares itself bilingual

Without fanfare but with great hopes, the border state of Tamaulipas has declared itself the first bilingual state in Mexico, deciding that its 320,000 public school students, from elementary to high school, will learn conversational English, reports McClatchy newspapers.

"Our efforts are aimed at preparing students for a more competitive world filled with technology and English," governor Eugenio Hernandez said at a ceremony formally inaugurating the program. "Let's face it. The world speaks English. And even if you can only speak a little, you can defend yourself and compete."

There are several similar language efforts underway in Mexico, from the capital Distrito Federal to some of the other border states such as Chihuahua and Nuevo Leon, but Tamaulipas, which borders Texas, represents the biggest experiment.

-- Deborah Bonello in Mexico City

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They'll end this experiment once the public encounters the "Push #1 for Spanish" message.

Does this mean that in the future we can rename L.A. street and place names? Or if not the names, how about the articles? I long for the day we can call La Habra "The Habra." White people are being unfairly prevented from reveling in the glory that is the English language by all these "foreign" place names (and articles). What's that you ask? Why, yes. I drive a Pontiac. I bought it when I moved here from Minnesota.

Is a good start. I know alot of white folks that take on themselves to learn spanish in the United States, and it blows me away. I think Mexico could and will do better. What i don't appreciate is TRACK BACK sugesting that somehow Mexico was wrong and that finally realised its big "mistake." Los Angeles, along with many US cities, has a BIG spanish speaking population, does that mean that these cities should be bilingual? Of course not! GET BACK ON TRACK TRACK BACK.

A brilliant move and an end to the hubris communication disadvantage that plagues Mexico. Why they hold on so dearly to Spanish as their native language which it is not since it was imported by the Spaniards has been what causes the great continental divide in North America. Welcome to the real world Mexico. Anyone who's ever been to Europe can tell you that they still speak Italian, French, German, Dutch, Swiss and Spanish and everyone speaks English. Its even more important in Asia that everyone speaks english and that's why they do in Korea, Japan, Vietnam and China. Its about time the burden of communication shifts off of only being on the US to accomodate Mexico's lack of committment to be being a capapable working partner. This will surely improve relations, commerce and opportunities to all the world when Mexico gets on the same communication page.


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