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'Mammoth,' starring Gael Garcia Bernal, gets a frosty reception in Berlin

"Mammoth," the new movie from Swedish director Lukas Moodysson featuring the Mexican film star Gael Garcia Bernal, got a frosty reception at its first press screening at the Berlin International Film Festival on Sunday, reports Reuters.

The movie is set in multiple locations and languages, shifting from New York to the Philippines and Thailand. Garcia Bernal stars as a computer game tycoon who is married to an overworked emergency room doctor played by Michelle Williams, and the film shows how their 8-year-old daughter grows up much closer to the Philippine nanny than to the parents.

You can watch the trailer above, and click on the Reuter's link for the full report.

-- Deborah Bonello in Mexico City

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wow! Looks like a good film... Can't wait.

By the way, In the Netherlands where 'm from and live. I know two IT married with nurses. No sense for the comment previously made by someone, here.

Its not at all like Spanglish as this is not a dramedy or even a movie about the foreign nanny alone..and I dare you to find a movie nowadays that doesnt have links to another piece of existing work.

And why would that even be relevant? It's like me bashing am ovie because the main couple is a vegetarian and a meat-lover.. geez go watch the movie and then make up your mind. Lukas Modysson's made a lot of wake-up call movies and this is no exception.

It sounds just like Spanglish with better locations. No wonder they hate it. It's not even original.

And by the way -- how many computer gaming executives are married to ER doctors? Not many. Techie executives can be much higher maintenance than you think. The last person those executives want to hook up with is a fellow workaholic.


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