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Stephenie Meyer dominates Mexico’s top 10 books

The vampire-themed love stories weaved by U.S. writer Stephenie Meyer have captured the attention of the Mexican public. The 10 bestselling books in Mexico last week, according to the Associated Press, were as follows.

1. "Crepúsculo (Twilight)" - Stephenie Meyer, Ediciones Alfaguara.
First in the series of vampire-themed books, which also inspired the film currently running in cinemas.

2. "Amanecer (Breaking Dawn)" - Stephenie Meyer, Ediciones Alfaguara.
Last in the series of Meyer’s vampire-themed books.

3. "El Jardín Devastado (The Ravaged Garden)" - Jorge Volpi, Ediciones Alfaguara.
Mexican author Volpi straddles Mexico and Iraq in this semi-autobiographical tale.

4. "Eclipse" - Stephenie Meyer, Ediciones Alfaguara.
The third in Meyer’s vampire series.

5. "Los Cómplices del Presidente (The President’s Accomplices)" - Anabel Hernández, Grijalbo Mondadori.
Mexican journalist Hernandez examines the significance of some of Mexico President Felipe Calderon’s closest political allies, including the now-deceased Juan Camilo Mouriño.

6. "Luna Nueva (New Moon)" - Stephenie Meyer, Ediciones Alfaguara.
The second in Meyer’s series of vampire novels.

7. "México Acribillado (Riddled Mexico)" - Francisco Martin Moreno, Ediciones Alfaguara.
Mexican author Francisco Martin Moreno probes the circumstances surrounding former President Alvaro Obregon’s assassination in his most recent historical novel.

8. "Mafalda inédita" - Quino (Joaquin Salvador Lavado), Ediciones de la Flor.
Latin America's most popular cartoon strips, by the Argentine artist.

9. "El Niño con el Pijama de Rayas (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas)" - John Boyne, Salamandra.
Through the eyes of Bruno, a German boy, Irish author John Boyne weaves a descriptive tale set in Nazi Germany during the early 1940s against the backdrop of the persecution of Eastern European Jews. The novel is now also a major motion picture showing in Mexico.

10. "País de Mentiras (Country of Lies)" - Sara Sefchovich, Editorial Océano.
Mexican writer Sara Sefchovich analyzes lies and their part in the political system and what the consequences have been for Mexican society.

--Deborah Bonello in Mexico City

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