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Spanish-language radio station snatches No. 1 spot

Spanish-language pop-music station KLVE-FM (107.5) jumped back to the No. 1 spot in the Southland radio ratings, ending the brief reign of English-language Top 40 outlet KIIS-FM (102.7), according to the spring Arbitron figures released Tuesday.

Among local listeners ages 12 and up, KLVE scored an impressive .9% increase in its audience share, to 5.6% total, between the first three months of 2008 and the spring survey period, which ran from April 3 to June 25. KIIS dipped slightly, from 5% to 4.9%, dropping it back to second in the Los Angeles-Orange County market -- a position it's held for six of the last seven quarters.

Regional Mexican music station KSCA-FM (101.9) also posted big gains, jumping from sixth to third place as it added .8% to its audience share.

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-- Deborah Bonello in Mexico City

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reconquista is underway

do you honestly think all these spanish language stations are expecting english to take over in los angeles? obviously not....spanish is here to stay.

ohhhh, but it's xenophobic to point that out. hush hush.


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