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McCain's turn before La Raza in San Diego

He didn't break into Spanish, nor did he back down from his emphatic position that border security must be the cornerstone of immigration overhaul. But Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) continued his fervid courtship of Latino voters Monday, speaking to about 2,000 people at the National Council of La Raza's annual convention the day after his Democratic opponent, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, came calling, write the L.A. Times' Robin Abcarian and Nicole Gaouette.

In an indication of how highly valued these voters are, this was the third time in the last 15 days that each presidential candidate has appeared before a major Latino political group.

McCain, whose stance on immigration has shifted to the right over the last year to align him more with the Republican base, is striving to put the Latino vote into play this November.

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-- Deborah Bonello in Los Angeles

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Has Senator McCain learned his lesson, after the Comprehensive Immigration was crushed by the American people in March? For now he is stating he will build the border fence first, then return to the repetitious possibility of some kind of AMNESTY. Yet with illegal immigration screaming in every headline, the majority party has secretly behind closed doors gutted funding for the fence.

So shouldn't McCain do something about this travesty of this laws? How can we trust Obama because his main contention is, that upon being sworn in as President he would sign into law his own path to citizenship. That means another estimated 12 to 30 million already here. Who is going to pay for supporting all those poor people, their children and their elderly. Whose going to pay once they sponsor their extended families from other countries? Does the American people need to escalate the 315 million plus population, the census estimates we have now? To a new total of 435 million?

What about the next rush on the border? We cannot even look after our own people? Are we heading for overpopulation like other countries? Where are they going to drive their cars? Are they going to start clearing more farmland to build more houses? Think of the consequences if we pass another AMNESTY? Read unsuppressed facts at NUMBERSUSA.


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