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San Francisco mayor faces backlash on immigration policy

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has his work cut out for him: As he positions himself to run for governor, he has to handle the fallout caused by the escape of eight young undocumented drug dealers from unguarded facilities in San Bernardino County.

The youths are from Honduras and were convicted in San Francisco which, as we reported yesterday, is changing its policy on deporting undocumented juvenile offenders.

"On Wednesday, Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-Redlands) demanded that San Francisco officials turn over all convicted illegal immigrant drug dealers to federal authorities instead of shipping them 'out to San Bernardino County, where they can escape and victimize the neighborhoods in my district.' "

"In a strongly worded statement, Newsom said Wednesday that he has directed his administration 'to work in cooperation with the federal government on all felony cases. And I urge the district attorney, the public defender and the courts to do the same.' "

On top of that, Newsom must persuade Californians that he is more than just the mayor of a famously liberal city, the man who ushered in same-sex marriage, reports the L.A. Times' Maria L. LaGanga.

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Update, July 3, 10:50 a.m. PST: The Los Angeles Times' David Kelly is reporting that furious San Bernardino County officials will announce new measures to prevent "any future shipments" to the county of convicted juvenile offenders who are illegal immigrants.

-- Deborah Bonello in Mexico City and Reed Johnson in Los Angeles

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Blather, blather, racist, better life, yada, yada, yada. Sheesh people. Can't you use your brains? Expecting immigration laws to be enforced does not make one a racist. America does not (or at least should not) welcome criminals with open arms, no matter what the color of their skin, or the location of their birth.

Nonetheless, I am forever amazed at the shear lack of imagination of those who attempt to turn EVERY discussion regarding illegals into one of race. If someone sneaks into my backyard, seeking a "better life" (at my expense), I don't stop to check their skin color. I call the police.

BrittiAnus hahaha Brilliant my friend, brilliant! This guy "BrittiAnus" must work for some of those racist hate-mongering organizations of NumbersUSA or FAIR who bend the statistics and data to their advantage but in the end everything will be known and clarified. Thanks Pisces2008 for your input, truth sets us all free! Your reward, if not received here on earth, will be justly given in heaven! Happy 4th of July!!!

once again you are wrong.
Sanctuary cities are not pandering to anyone but see the issue from a human rights and humane perspective as opposed to your racist and enforcement only perspective.

California has not become a refuge for hundreds of thousands of criminal aliens. America has been welcoming immigrants to her shores for a century now.

These immigrants have not taken over the streets. That is absurd and is, once again, pandering to fear. Until about the mid-1900's the majority of gangs in America were white, composed of various European backgrounds. By the 1970's, about
four-fifths of gang members were either African American or Hispanic I bet there are more white rapist in America than mexican. For example, see: Mayor Newsom should be commended for looking at the problem in a different light rather than enforcement on ly and standing up for what's right and not which way the wind is blowing. Notice the words " illegal invasion" in order to frighten you. Don't believe the hype from BrittAnus or these professional hate groups, especially this group which is tied to it's founder Roy Beck who has strong connections to the white supremist David Duke and other neofacist groups whose message of racism and segregation.

The governor, mayors of SF, LA and the other liberal cities and counties must be voted out of office or they will bankrupt everyone much like our useless national politicians are doing to us. They now have is in debt almost $56 trillion dollars and rapidly counting. Google the website, Truth in 2008 and watch the debt clock spin. Illegal immigration is breaking us. How much money have taxpayers spent since the Supreme Court ruling in 1982 requiring us to fund illegal alien’s education? What about their free medical care theat we must fund? How many hospitals have gone broke thus far?

Whets the big deal? No city in California enforces immigration law. Drug dealers in San Bernardino....who cares, Meth labs are every where in the county so what's another 8 or so dealers that are skilled at distribution. Just because these dealers are illegal immigrants dose not mean they are bad people. I believe they are hard working just trying to support there families in Honduras. Oh, what's the big deal with providing plane tickets? We provide plenty of public services to illegal immigrants Dailey, what's a couple of hundred dollars more going to do? it isn't going to break us and we don't want to keep families separated. Mayor Gavin Newsom is becoming a racist and is going to start policies designed to get rid of hard working migrants struggling to male the American dream come true. Drug dealing is hard work and is in a catergory of jobs which most Americans won't do. These migrants are just performing a service for other people to enjoy while trying to make a living to support there families.

S.F. mayor Newsom has circumvented U.S. Law
and is rightly being villified as the poster boy
along with L.A. mayor Tony Villar for the
Balkanization of the USA by Race ,echoing
what has happened in our prisons where
integration has failed and deadly race
wars can start at any moment!
The USA Melting Pot is breaking apart under
radical multiculturalism rum amuck!!

There is no excuses for 'Sanctuary cities', who are pandering to the millions of illegal foreign nationals. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom lost his chance of ever hoping of becoming Governor, because his highly controversial liberal issues. California has become a refuge for hundreds of thousands of criminal aliens, who have taken over the streets and highways of this state. Gang member-filth, rapist, pedophiles have infested Los Angeles, San Francisco and remain as allusive to the police because of 'Sanctuary city' laws, like SPECIAL ORDER 40. Originally mandated to protect Americans, it has become the nemesis of Los Angeles, such as the recent criminal case of Jamiel Shaw, shot down in cold blood by a gang member. Mayor Newsom is a panderer to the illegal immigration occupation, thats why we must enact the Federal SAVE ACT (H.R.4088) It will kill any "Sanctuary City' laws on a nationwide basis and give ICE and the police more funding, to rid America of this illegal invasion. Read the truth NUMBERSUSA.


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