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Federal agents arrest illegal immigrants leaving U.S.

Checkpoint_into_mexico_3 Illegal immigrants on their way home are now also vulnerable to detention, according to our latest dispatch from the border.

U.S. border authorities no longer apprehend illegal immigrants only as they enter the country. Now they're also catching them on the way out, writes Richard Morosi.

At random times near the Tijuana-San Diego border, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers have been setting up checkpoints, boarding buses destined for Mexico and pulling off people who don't have proper documentation.

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Build the fence it will slow them dow while we reload

Are you now living from paycheck to paycheck, wondering how your going to feed your family, making your mortgage payment. You need to be aware of how much Uncle Sam is secretly skimming off your taxes and diverting into government freebies or immigrants and illegal foreign nationals.

The Mexican government begged the U.S. to help interdict the massive flow of arms coming across the border into Mexico. Mexico is under direct, brutal threat from drug cartels and that trumps whether or not illegal immigrants are screened. Do we want another Colombia on our border?

Look, those undocumented workers who are here, should be legalized and provided with amnesty. Build the WALL,first! Declare those who are undocumented here LEGAL, second and protect and modify the laws, third, then stop berating ANYBODYchoose to live, speak another language and love this country differently from those who immigrated here in the past.

Allow these people, who sacrificed their lives to get here and their right to survive, be the ones to reinvent and uphold the immigration laws. We are the ones who woo'd them here expoiting them to begin with.

I don't like this "immigration-thing"as much as the next guy. But undocumented individuals are PEOPLE first! Thank you very much.


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