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Bolivian President Morales agrees to nationwide recall vote

May 9, 2008 |  8:35 am

Morales President Evo Morales agreed Thursday to stand for election in a nationwide recall vote, gambling that Bolivians will reelect him after just two years in office and shore up support for his pending reforms, the Associated Press reports.

Morales (left), pictured here with President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, one of his closest political allies, first proposed a nationwide recall referendum in December amid a battle over his draft constitution.

The idea seemed to have been forgotten until Thursday, when an opposition-controlled Senate passed a bill ordering a referendum be held within 90 days. Morales pledged to sign the measure.

The measure would require Morales and Bolivia's nine state governors to win more votes and a greater percentage of support than they did on a 2005 ballot. If they fall short, they will have to run again.

-- Deborah Bonello in Mexico City