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In Mexico, Hitler ad draws cries of protest

Talk about an attack ad. Does it get worse than being compared to Hitler and Mussolini?

Supporters of Mexican leftist leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador are crying foul over a television spot that compares him to the infamous leaders, and to former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and Victoriano Huerta, an iron-fisted Mexican general who seized power through a coup during the country’s bloody revolution in the early 20th century.

The link? All those men shut down congresses, according to the Mexican TV spot, which aired Thursday night and today. Left-leaning lawmakers allied with López Obrador have effectively closed the Mexican Congress for more than a week to protest President Felipe Calderón’s proposal to revamp the state-owned oil monopoly, Pemex.

“Who closed the congresses?” begins the commercial, sponsored by a group calling itself “Better Society, Better Government.” The spot shows images of Hitler, Mussolini, Pinochet and Huerta, who it says was last to close Mexico’s Congress, in 1913.

It then shows López Obrador, the former Mexico City mayor, and his followers in Congress who barricaded the speaker’s podium in the lower Chamber of Deputies and covered it with a giant sign that read, “Closed.” You can view the ad on the website of the Mexican newspaper El Universal.

The 9-day-old blockade has forced remaining lawmakers to meet elsewhere and delayed the start of debate over Calderón’s proposal to reform Pemex by allowing alliances with private companies in oil exploration and refining.

López Obrador’s backers claim the TV ad was part of a “dirty war” by Calderón’s conservative National Action Party. They made similar charges after López Obrador lost the 2006 presidential race to Calderón by a paper-thin margin.

By Ken Ellingwood in Mexico City

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It is interesting when politicians that defend national natural resources are described as authoritarian and compared to Hitler.

Calderon, who stole the election, according to his supporters is making a favor to all mexicans by given away our natural resources and we are supposed to be grateful to USA companies by taking away all the profits and destroying the environment. Does anybody remember what happened in Mexico after NAFTA?

So Lopez Obrador, who was cheated of an election victory and is tryiing to prevent a massive fraud against Mexico is the "authoritarian"?
That's pretty rich coming from PAN and its super rich backers, who are smacking their lips at the prospect of devouring the oil industry.

It takes one to know one.
Lopez Obrador does not hold a post within the Mexican Government; so WHAT or who gives him the power to silence Congress AND the SENATE together? The only one to jail congress was General Huerta, but he WAS THE PRESIDENT and had the army behind him. Comparing Sr. Lopez to Hitler, Stalin and The Duce is simple rethoric because those guys were all heads of State when they exercised fascism.
Many Mexican columnists and the likes of Mario Ramón Beteta have been using the adjective. Recognizing that as a truth, would be the same as recognizing Lopez Obrador as holdng more power than President Calderon.
The "Fascist" comment is no different from the one used during the campaing where Lopez Obrador supposedely "lost" the election: "A dangerous man for Mexico". A reminder of the one generated by the Company against Che Guevara in Latin America: Mucho peligroso Comunista"

Democracy is about debate and voting.

Before voting, people in a democracy must debate, discuss the issues at hand.

López Obrador does not understand a dot about democracy. The guy is simply an authoritarian who thinks that anybody who doesn't follow him is WRONG and thus deserves to be silenced.

So he is silencing Congress and Senate, so that they won't be able to debate the issues at hand.

Maybe he and his followers totally disagree with the proposed reform. However, that does not mean that they have the right to stop discussion, debate and voting.

What did the authoritarian regimes use to do? Simply SILENCE the regular citizens unless they were 100% in agreement with the purposes of the State!

We don't need that in Mexico. Honestly, we need persons like López Obrador and followers to go back to basic school and learn about simple democratic methods.

They understand nothing about loosing an election or loosing a debate. They consider themselves lost before they even start the discussion. That is why they won't let the others debate the issues.

However, this is NOT a game anymore and something must be done in order to punish those who become obstacles to real, simple democratic methods.


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