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Sparks continue to fly over Absolut's Mexico ad

The furor over the Absolut vodka Mexican border ad roars on. The Drudge Report posted a link to our post yesterday showing the ad and including the tagline,  "ABSOLUT runs ads celebrating American Southwest belonging to Mexico..." This indeed pushed the buttons of the Drudge readers. The comments have been pouring in.

Our friends at the Top of the Ticket blog put a political spin on the ad with "WWDHD? WWTTD? (What Would Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo Do?)."

"...what would the impact be on the presidential campaign? You know, just hypothetically speaking, over a glass of vodka on a Friday afternoon.

Well, Hillary Clinton would be out -- the Latino vote in the current Southwest would be voting in Mexico -- so you gotta figure Barack Obama facing off against John McCain in the general (assuming McCain moves from Arizona).

And without all the wild-eyed liberals out here in California voting, that leaves the northern tier, the Midwest, the Deep South and the Northeast. Advantage: McCain?

You know, if it was an Absolut World. But what we're having the most trouble envisioning is that border fence along the Columbia River."

Reporters Deborah Bonello and Reed Johnson wrote a "From the blogs" follow-up story which ran in today's paper. They included a sampling of the readers' comments to the original blog post.

Absolut used their own blog to describe the thinking behind the ad.

In an ABSOLUT World according to Mexico
Posted Friday, April 04, 2008, 5:24:01 PM EST

We have received many comments on an ad showing what an ABSOLUT world would look like from a Mexican point of view. We are sorry if we offended anyone. This was not our intention. We will try to explain. Though you may not agree, I hope you understand.

The In An Absolut World advertising campaign invites consumers to visualize a world that appeals to them -- one they feel may be more idealized or one that may be a bit "fantastic." As such, the campaign will elicit varying opinions and points of view. We have a variety of executions running in countries worldwide, and each is germane to that country and that population.

This particular ad, which ran in Mexico, was based upon historical perspectives and was created with a Mexican sensibility. In no way was this meant to offend or disparage, nor does it advocate an altering of borders, nor does it lend support to any anti-American sentiment, nor does it reflect immigration issues. Instead, it hearkens to a time which the population of Mexico may feel was more ideal.

As a global company, we recognize that people in different parts of the world may lend different perspectives or interpret our ads in a different way than was intended in that market. Obviously, this ad was run in Mexico, and not the US -- that ad might have been very different.

By Paula Eriksson, VP Corporate Communications, V&S Absolut Spirits

-- Patrice Roe

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and most americans thought muslims were being childish about the mohammed cartoons....

Geesh guys mellow out...the ad was aimed at making Mexican consumers feel was not aimed at making USians feel bad....I'm sure they could've done a much better job of that if that was their goal. was a land grab...notwithstanding the "defensive war" because Mexico had "invaded our territory and shed American blood upon the American soil.". Every sensible American of that time knew that the war had been fabricated and started by President Polk because he believed in Manifest Destiny at the expense of all non-Americans. Just ask Abraham Lincoln and John Quincy Adams who voted against the Northern War of Agression.

Many people don't like to admit that the US, at times, has not lived up to it's ideals...but it has happened...denying that it did not take place is foolish. Your energy would be better spent in making sure it never happens again....such as the war in Iraq. This invasion should not have many pointed out before the invasion and which hindsight has proven correct. Unfortunately, since the invasion did occur.....I hope the US sticks it out to live up to it's stated ideal of establishing a true democracy there. It would really suck for everyone involved (the taxpayers, soldiers and of course the hundreds of thousands of dead) if the US washed itself of the affair.

Damn, that sure was a long rant.

Here is a partial list of products put out by this company.

Polar Ice*
Altai Gins
Seagram’s Gin
Cork Dry Gin

100 Pipers
The Glenlivet
Tormore Irish
Walker Special Old
American Bourbon
Wild Turkey
Four Roses

Pernod with absinthe extract****
Ouzo Mini***
Tia Maria
Hiram Walker

Viuda de Romero Rums
Havana Club

Jacob’s Creek

Paul, I live in California, a once prosperous state that is now broke. We have most of the illegal aliens, and groups like LA RAZA talk constantly here as well as Mexiican politicians here who are at heart Mexican nationalists--about how they are going to retake not only the American Southwest, which you so stupidly refer to as a land grab, but the WHOLE UNITED STATES. LORD , help us if there are too many Americans as unconcerned about their nation as you are. If you even are an American.

Sweden is an ignorant Western European nation that is being overrun by and will soon be owned by foreign nationals. Who can have any respect for them?

This is the icing on the cake in a long series of under the cover statements. It doesn't matter if the ad was ran in Mexico or Luxembourg, the fact of the matter is this Mexico can't face the fact that there is a border that divides them from the US. This stems from a long held feeling that the US owes them something, that it is their birthright to come here and turn it into Mexico. I live in southern California and observe first hand their patriotic loyalty and willingness to assimilate. I mean flying the mexican flag and making sure everything is in both English and Spanish is the perfect form of patriotism, maybe if you live in Mexico. This isn't the first ad demonstrating such wishful wants of this country. All you have to do is drive down the 405 freeway to LA and see all the billboards either advertising in Spanish or promoting Spanish culture; not to mention the bumper stickers that advertise Spanish radio more than anything else. It is tiring watching this sort of thing happen time after time, watching the Mexican flag fly with Spanish writing just down the street, being denied jobs because one can't speak Spanish or most irritating working hard and making the grades to go to college while it is handed to these people wanting to do nothing more than make this part of the US Mexico. In conclusion be prepared for more ads like this one and hope that the US government makes some effort to stop illegal immigration and make it mandatory that English is the only language that can be used and will only be the official language of this country. So all of those who can't get this through their heads can take themselves and Absolut and hop the border south. And before everyone starts calling racist, it's only those who want to make the US just like their 'old country,' that won't learn English and speak it, and those who expect to be considered citizens without going through all the hard work and legalities to do so that I have a problem with.

Awesome advert. The poor American racists are screaming and crying like the Afrikaaners did in South Africa 20 years ago. ha ha babies! go drink your thunderbird!!!

In this world of late where bad publicity is a ton better than good, are you telling me that Absolut didn't see this coming? Wake up people! BOYCOTT ABSOLUT!!!

Do me a personal favor folks. If you don't like the ad, drink the Vodka or give it to a bum or high school kid. Don't dump it. There's enough crap in my water. I'd rather you not pollute it further.


How interesting that many Americans believe that our act of naked aggression against Mexico, in which we stole (annexed) nearly half of their country, is acceptable. After all, we waged war against Iraq when they tried to annex Kuwait. Some say that because we paid Mexico in gold, we acquired their land fair and square. Does anyone really think that the Mexican government wanted to sell half of their country for 15 million dollars? If our aggression was acceptable, then why did Congressman Abraham Lincoln argue so vehemently against it? Why did Ulysses Grant, who had threatened to resign from the army because of it, later believe that our Civil War was God's way of punishing America because of our theft of half of Mexico? Go ahead and live in your fantasy world, but the world's citizens are fully aware of America's hypocrisy: When we tell others that "America will not tolerate naked aggression!" (George Bush 41, after Iraq invasion of Kuwait), we are telling them, "Do as we say, not as we do."

This is a great AD, it shows the absolute truth of not only the violent taking of 1/2 of Mexico's territories but also reveals the lack of eduction some commentors exhibit. In an ABSOLUT world the war would have never occured and both countries would be living in peace.

Vodkha comes from potatoes, a food that was invented like corn by the ancient scientists of Meso America. Someone at Absolut knows their history so I tip my glass to them!

In brief ancient Mexico (the word comes from the Mexica tribe) had always had ambassadors and an origin in its northern region . Currently, there is a wide awakening to celebrate the connections between all Meso American tribes, who which share a Uto-Nahautl langauge and culture.

The violent over throw of Mexico's 1/2 territories has nothing to do with "Manifest Destiny" but rather has everything to do with Mexico's outlawing of Slavery. Ironically Mexican govt greeted their neighbors into their lands as they saw it not only as a hospitible gesture but also how it benefited finacially as well.

The US invasion into Mexico was violent, if you don't believe me feel free to read the report on the CIA website. After the Civil War per capita it was the most devasting war for both countries. At least at the time there was one senator from Illionios who was against the invasions and his name was Abraham Lincoln.

This war and the facts of this war have been nearly nullified, erased, even historically perverted beyond recognition; As I read one of the comments above regarding "Hitler's" Territories as an Absolut Ad. This latter confirms the ignorance that some North Americans have and I would attest this to being the reason why the World has turned on us. Even the way the war is potrayed as a "fair and square deal" or an "eventual" take over. There was nothing eventual or fair about what happened. Someone showed up to my house with a gun and made me sign my house over...and now I can't even sleep in my own bed without "official" paper work. Now that's fascist, who wouldn't need a drink after that?

For those that do not understand the Mexican viewpoint, let me give you a very clear example; Invade Iraq, split it 1/2, make all northern Iraq's illegal in their own native country, 200 years pass...don't you think some of those Iraq's would feel some anger? Do you still wonder why Iraq's insurgents fight so hard? Do you think the Imam's don't understand the history of the US and colonization?

Lastly, there is proof that the descrimation against Mexicans crossing the border versus Canadians crossing their border is completly racist. Canadians for the longest time could cross their border with a Canadian driver's liscense and "take your job." Why is it ok for Canadians to cross and not Mexicans, because they are white...simply said.

I am advocating an overthrow? Or a Zionistic movement? Nope not at all, just some respect. I really like the Constitution of the US, almost religiously. I will bet that the majority of Mexicans now living in the US just want to be left alone, work, celebrate with their families and live life. However this constant barrage by ignorantcia is a little tiresome. Before you scream go back to your country, you should realize I am standing on my own country. It responds to every move, when I till it; the land grows, when I walk it; Anahuac is caressed....she feels the scar you call the border...

I love this add-It shows what is already happed whether you like it or not. We are mexican american who are here legaly and are taking back this land. Viva la raza

This is their defense? So weak.

In an absolut world, absolut doesn't exist. I'm even more angry after this. Especially considering that US taxpayers pay for the defense of Europe. I want the US military out of Europe and out of NATO. Make these Euros grow up and start defending themselves.

Can someone make an ad showing broken bottles of absolut?

Wow, I've forgotten how pathetic and self-hating the average American is. You are not just half white, your 100% COWARD. I know full blooded Mexicans that LEGALLY immigrated to this country that are more AMERICAN than YOU (radical Raul) will ever be. Sad, pathetic MORON.

Nation shall rise against nation. Many shall be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. The love of many shall grow cold. Repent.

Obvious, inevitable and unfortunate solution: Mexican-American War II. Ads and cowards don't win wars, markmanship and courage does.

Why people are getting upset over this? Vodka ads are not meant to be taken seriously anyways… or perhaps I should drink Mikes Hard Lemonade and check my garage for a Ferrari, then bedroom for a hottie… and if they are not there, cry and moan about it on the internet. Let’s move on people, there are more important things to waste breath (bandwidth) on.

Okay, so if the Absolut ad was to focus on, let's say Germany, it would be okay if they showed the "Absolut world", according to, let's say, Adolf Hitler,,, and that would be okay too? Is that the logic Abolut is using?>?

Wow, I've forgotten how self righteous and hypocritical the average white American male can be.

Thank God I am only half white.

It's a simple message, really: If you drink, don't draw maps.

It's a simple message, really: If you drink, don't draw maps.

Wow! How many of you have the extra WEALTH to pour good liquor out because of an advertisement? What INSECURITY you suffer. I'll bet a trillion dollars that ya'll are the same KNEEJERKS who believed the WMD Iraq lie.

Wow! After reading some of the comments I am surprised some of you can even read you're so ignorant, let alone post an opinion on the subject. I agree with Paul, it's just an attempt to sell vodka, relax. Absolute has too much invested in the U.S to even attempt to insult us. It's the stupid people that take an advertisement, (an advertisement I would like to reiterate) and convert it into anti-American sentiment? It' is an advertisement, not a damn revolution! Pershing should finish the job? The man was ridiculed by an uneducated, farmer, peasant boy named Pancho Villa. Absolute Hitler? Give me a break and take a drink, perhaps some Absolute Vodka?

LIghten up folks, this gringo from Nebraska thinks its hilarious. It’s a just a company trying to sell vodka (and courting controversy). Face the facts, it WAS a land grab (who of course had earlier grabbed it from indians). It’s good to see world from different perspectives and not just our own U.S. centric view. Relax, have a cocktail (absolut & tonic will be my choice), and enjoy the history lesson.

Wow. Absolut hate.

I'm a vodka drinker, with no bottle of absolut at home because I drank the last one. And it will be the last one, too.

What's next, absolute Hitler? Absolute rape?

This might be the most pathetic ad ever.

dumb, dumb, dumb. how much vodka were they drinking when they thought of that ad.

It's good to see that political bloggers and even the Drudge Report are finally noticing that the southwestern US is under cultural attack. A year or so ago a local radio station ran a billboard campaign that displayed the LA skyline with (I believe) a St. Guadalupe de Hidalgo statue. This is all part of an effort to make the idea that Mexico owns this part of the US more palatable, so that when they really make a play for the land they will have already won the mindshare battle.

Please! Mexico wants the land back? Over my dead body.

In 1606 this part of the world was know as New Spain. It was not until the Spanish started fooling around with the local Indians girls that we had any Mexicans.

I for one believe in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We can achieve this objective by adding Mexico and Canada as our 51st and 52nd states.

By offering citizenship to all Mexicans 75% will gladly join the USA. For the holdouts we can recall General Patreus from Iraq to lead The BIG RED across the Rio Bravo to take Mexico City. I suspect it will take less time than it took to take Baghdad. Or we can resurrect General Pershing and let him finish what he started in 1916.

The conquest of Canada will be easier. We will offer amnesty to all hippies who desert in the Vietnam War and found sanctuary in Free Quebec. They will topple the Canadian government in less than 24 hour; that is how eager they are to return to American soil.

With Mexico and Canada subdued the Democrats will not have to offer amnesty to criminals or cancel NAFTA that has benefited most people in the USA. And, The Los Angeles Times can start publishing in Spanish a decade long dream.

This is a win, win, win. Let us hear it for the good old USA!

Just poured a half liter of Absolut Citron down the drain; I'll be making my bloody Marys with Stoli or Grey Goose from now on.

Absolut just gave up a HUGE chunk of the US market share for the sake of kissing a little Latin arse; I can only hope that their profit margins reflect their wisdom. Were I a stockholder, I'd be selling.

As for the map, I've always considered the Mexican claims to the vast majority of that territory to be fantasy; they didn't even have outposts, much less settlements, anywhere near the northern edges of what they claimed. Much of those claims overlapped what the US considered part of the Lousiana Purchase of 1803. Even California in 1846 had fewer than 10,000 Mexican/Spanish settlers in the territory from San Diego to Sacramento (the Russians had claims in the areas north of there), according to a letter sent by the then-governor to his superiors in Mexico, begging for more soldiers and support.

The United States paid gold for that territory at a time when European powers routinely took territory from each other by force of arms without any of the modern criticism that always enters any discussion of the American expansion during the 19th century into lands undeveloped and largely unpopulated before 1845, but there has always been a double standard applied to the USA, and there always will be.

I just poured half a liter of Absolut Citron down the sink.

Absolut just gave up a HUGE chunk of the US market just to kiss a little Latin **s, regardless of their fantasy about 'historical perspective.'

Mexico's claims to most of those territories were not backed up by heavy settlements or even outposts at the far reaches of their claims which the USA relieved them of; California boasted a population of less than 22,000 Mexican subjects (counting about 15,000 converted natives) in 1846 stretching from San Diego to Sacramento, according to a letter written by the then-governor to the capitol in Mexico City.

How many millions live there now, compared to how many that would live there if it were still Mexican territory, and at what standard of living?

We paid gold for the rights to those territories (a large part of which were also claimed as part of the Lousiana Purchase from France in the early 1800s) at a time when European powers routinely took territory from each other solely by force of arms, without the modern criticism the US routinely gets for its own expansion into the undeveloped and sparsely populated area west of the Mississippi River.

The Swedish parent company of Absolut is entitled to engage in whatever sort of advertising campaign they wish without interference, but I and millions of other native born Americans of European descent also have the right not to buy their products when they choose to insult us and our nation.

How about a Absolut add that shows most of Sweden owned by Russia, Poland and Denmark (historically speaking of course).


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