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Mexico split between Clinton, Obama

April 7, 2008 | 12:51 pm

Clinton runs stronger in the North, while Obama has an edge in the South.

Of Mexico, that is.

The Democratic primary contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would be a dead heat if it were up to Mexican voters, according to a nationwide poll published Monday in the daily Reforma newspaper.

The newspaper’s survey found the Mexican public split between the two candidates, with 31% favoring each, roughly approximating the closeness of the primary campaign north of the border.

The poll also showed a heavy pro-Democrat bent — only 7% picked Republican John McCain as their favorite. Fifty-one percent said a Democrat would be better for Mexico; 18% picked Republicans. 

Clinton was strongest in Mexico’s central-western region and the more prosperous north, while Obama led in the country’s center and poorer south. The length of the race doesn’t seem to be eroding the interest of Mexican voters: 45% said they were interested, compared with 34% just 10 months earlier.

-- Ken Ellingwood in Mexico City