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Mexico reconquers California? Absolut drinks to that!

The latest advertising campaign in Mexico from Swedish vodka maker Absolut promises to push all the right buttons south of the U.S. border, but it could ruffle a few feathers in El Norte.


The billboard and press campaign, created by advertising agency Teran\TBWA  and now running in Mexico, is a colorful map depicting what the Americas might look like in an "Absolut" -- i.e., perfect -- world.

The U.S.-Mexico border lies where it was before the Mexican-American war of 1848 when California, as we now know it, was Mexican territory and known as Alta California.

Following the war, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo saw the Mexican territories of Alta California and Santa Fé de Nuevo México ceded to the United States to become modern-day California, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Arizona. (Texas actually split from Mexico several years earlier to form a breakaway republic, and was voluntarily annexed by the United States in 1846.)

The campaign taps into the national pride of Mexicans, according to Favio Ucedo, creative director of leading Latino advertising agency Grupo Gallegos in the U.S., which was not involved in the Absolut campaign.

Ucedo, who is from Argentina, said: “Mexicans talk about how the Americans stole their land, so this is their way of reclaiming it. It’s very relevant and the Mexicans will love the idea.”

But he said that were the campaign to run in the United States, it might fall flat.

“Many people aren’t going to understand it here. Americans in the East and the North or in the center of the county -- I don’t know if they know much about the history.

“Probably Americans in Texas and California understand perfectly and I don’t know how they’d take it.”

Meanwhile, the campaign has been circulating on the blogs and generating strong responses from people north of the border.

“I find this ad deeply offensive, and needlessly divisive. I will now make a point of drinking other brands. And 'vodka and tonic' is my drink,” said one visitor, called New Yorker, on

Reader Paul Green goes into a discussion on the blog Gateway Pundit of whether the U.S. territories ever belonged to Mexico in the first place, and the News12 Long island site invited people to boycott Absolut, with one user, called LivingSmall, writing: “If you drink Absolut vodka, you can voice your approval or disapproval of this advertising campaign with your purchases. I know I will be switching to Grey Goose or Stoli and will never have another bottle of Absolut in my house.

“Hey Absolut ... that's my form of social commentary.”

-- Deborah Bonello and Reed Johnson in Mexico City

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This would be so great.

We could be part of Mexico and we would not be at war with the whole world. People would not hate us everywhere else on the planet, and we would have more and better food.

I wonder why the names in all these places are already Spanish? San Francisco, and Colorado are not English words! Why is that so? Could it be that these places were once part of Mexico? Could it be that the USA invaded this region like Saddam did in Kuwait?

All this rhetoric is very reminiscent of what is expressed below:

Why are patriotic Americans echoing language of tragedies past?

There's something deeply wrong with our public discourse when a reviewer like Niall Ferguson can pen a piece at the New York Times Book Review that contains, almost glibly, language like this:

The terrorists are at once parasitical on, and at the same time hostile toward, the globalized economy, the Internet and the technological revolution in military affairs. Just as the plagues in the 14th century were unintended consequences of increased trade and urbanization, so terrorism is a negative externality of our borderless world.

The difference, of course, is one of intent. The rats that transported the lethal fleas that transported the lethal enterobacteria Yersinia pestis did not mean to devastate the populations of Eurasia and Africa. The Black Death was a natural disaster. Al Qaeda is different. Its members seek to undermine the market-state by turning its own technological achievements against it in a protracted worldwide war, the ultimate goal of which is to create a Sharia-based “terror-state” in the form of a new caliphate.

I know, of course, that we're talking about the Enemy: terrorists. But it doesn't take a Dalai Lama to recognize that this kind of dehumanization is part of what brought us to this pass in the first place. And it only takes a historian to point out where it is likely to take us.

This is, in fact, classic eliminationist rhetoric: speech designed not merely to dehumanize and demonize other human beings, but to create the conditions for, and ultimately provide permission for, the actual elimination of those elements from society. As Kalkaino points out, Ferguson's description of Middle Eastern terrorists is nearly indistinguishable from from Nazi prewar propaganda about the "filthy Jewish vermin."

Of course, there is an essential difference there as well: the Jews in reality posed no threat to Germany whatsoever, and so any danger they represented was concocted almost entirely in the imaginations of anti-Semites. Middle Eastern terrorists, of course, are very much a real threat, though almost certainly not the dire existential threat that the Fergusons of the world make them out to be.

But Nazi Germany hardly provided the only example of eliminationist rhetoric and its toxic effects -- the American historical landscape is littered with them as well: the genocide of Native Americans, the lynching era, "sundown towns," and perhaps most tellingly in this case, the campaign against Asian immigrants and its culmination in the incarceration of 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II.

Because that whole episode began with rhetoric nearly identical to Ferguson's, directed at the "filthy Asiatic hordes" and producing bestsellers like Lothrop Stoddard's The Passing of the Great Race, a warning that "white culture" was about to be overwhelmed by rapidly reproducing brown hordes (sound familiar?) from Asia. It was so powerful that when war with Japan broke out, it seemed in fact only a natural step to round up those untrustworthy Asian vermin and put them in concentration camps.

And so it goes with thinkers like Ferguson today. Later in the review, it's clear where his logic leads us:

Bush’s instinct was not wrong. In this war, we do need pre-emptive detention of suspected terrorists; we do need a significant increase of surveillance, particularly of electronic communications; we do need, in some circumstances, to use coercive techniques (short of torture) to elicit information from terrorists. The administration’s fatal mistake was its failure to understand that these things could be achieved by appropriate modifications of the law.

And of course, anyone who disagrees should be rounded up and dealt with.

If the U.S. had lost the war with Mexico we might not have had the wherewithal to create as much havoc as we have since, and the world might be a better place.

If mexico wants our states then lets go to war already mexico you need population control anyway

In an ABSOLUT world people would people not make a big deal over something so stupid. If the ad was broadcasted in the USA, then I would be mad, but it wasn't. It's a shame that people get so worked up over an ad. I really don't think the ad was meant to offend anyone. People should be worried more about immagration and the war then an ad.

"(Texas actually split from Mexico several years earlier to form a breakaway republic, and was voluntarily annexed by the United States in 1846.) "

There are several additional points that need to be said:
The Freedom of Texas was won by sacrifices such as The Alamo and finally by the Battle of San Jacinto .

We let the leader of Mexica (Santa Anna) return to Mexico.

After 9 or 10 years of freedom, Texas. (In 1845 AND by treaty)
DID, in fact, join the Union as the 28th State .

I agree America has the right of administration to Texas California etc as much as China to Tibet, Great Britain to Scotland, Serbia to Kosovo, France to Corsica, Israel to Palestine, and Germany to Alsace and Lorraine.

Personally I prefer Smirnoff to Absolut. Most Americans who state that they are "offended", have probably never even heard of Alta California or the Mexican American War for that matter.

Seriously. Who cares? There are many more things in life to worry your pretty heads about.

I like to consider myself a patriotic American who defends the rights granted by the Constitution. The right to free speech is protected, and so is my right to boycott a product from a company that I find has offended me in their advertising. I also have the right to let everyone else know, under freedom of speech, to also boycott this company. As far as I am concerned, no true American will ever drink Absolut again. There are many other choices for vodka so please choose another brand. Absolut has absolut-ly screwed themselves. GOD bless the U. S. of A.

This is nothing but an advertisement so please ALL you people out there....GROW UP and in the process go back to school and this goes to Black Pride, KKK, Minute Man and all the ignorant people out there who missed the very important lessons in school that make up culture, history, etc. USA is a great country to live in as well as is MX and Europe. You make the best of where you are, wherever in the world you are and you people obviously are not content with yourselves. I laugh at this ad and i actually like it....Love Absolut but wouldnt change my Tequilas for nothing in the world but you have to know when to drink a good glass of wine, Tequila, Vodka or a Miller lite!

Love you all!!! Proud to be Mexican!

I usually find American outrage over anything and everything not sporting your flag hilarious but even I would be pissed if they did this to one of my home countries. But boycotts? That's going needlessly too far.

Mexico siempre será México... con o sin su terrirtorio.

Viva México Señores!!!

I would like to start off by saying that I think the ABSOLUT World campaign is absolutely genius. Playing off the clever and memorable “ABSOLUT ______” and “The ABSOLUT Vodka” campaigns, the ABSOLUT World idea is seamlessly integrated into the brand image that the company has created. The concept of allowing consumers to relish in a place of fantasy is both captivating and exciting. It also presents an opportunity for the brand to reach out directly to vastly different target markets on very personal levels. I think that this is probably what has gotten the company into so much trouble. When attempting to connect with a very specific group in such an individualist manner, you are going to have a lot of trouble not alienating your other core segments. The ABSOLUT ad published in Mexico is a perfect example of this. While it directly relates to and identifies with Mexican citizens, it can, and is, perceived as offensive to many Americans. The outrage voiced by hundreds of ABSOLUT’s own customers in reaction to this ad is a verification of the fact that a controversial advertisement carries heavy consequences. As a result, the company has lost many of its North American customers, who have vowed never to support this ‘terrorist’ brand. Following ABSOLUT’s explanation and subsequent apology to its online audiences, I am curious to hear what Teran/TBWA, the firm responsible for the advertisement, has to say. It is unreasonable to assume that either company did not predict this kind of negative reaction. Granted, the ad was intended for Mexican audiences only, but it would be ignorant to assume that it wouldn’t leak into the US market. To say that the campaign might “fall flat” in the US is definitely an understatement of the effects generated by something so controversial. It is especially surprising to me that ABSOLUT took this risk considering its sales by country in 2007 were 50% for the US and only 3% for Mexico. I am also anxious to see what the company does about its future plans to target minorities through this campaign. Judging from the controversy instigated by the Mexico ad, I can only imagine the reactions to the campaigns aimed towards blacks, Hispanics, and gay men and women.

What you people lose sight of is that this ad exacerbates the unfounded notion that the US took land once belonging to Mexico illigitamely. It was done in a trade deal, unnoposed, because the Mexican population in this area were mostly remote villagers and colonists. They welcomed the new government because it brought a promise of development and prosperity, which it did for the Mexican people in the area allready.
Mexico Norte was american indian land first. So how is that Spain...I mean Mexico, not guilty of what they are accusing the US of? Hell, Mexico was Aztec Indian before the Spanish explorers came and raped their culture and their women. They produced a society of half breed Aztec/Spaniards and call them Mexicans.
A little later the French who were settled in the southern regions of the US brought immigrants from Germany and other slovic and arian nations and the new breed of Mexicans loved to dance to their music. This is how they founded the oompa songs the mariachis are always playing. Mexico doesn't even have original music.

The BASIC fact is that this ad perpetuates an untruth, in a time when ILLEGAL immigration is such a huge problem and a drain on the United States way of life. (Legal immigrants are welcome to this country, always have been, always will be). It brings the worst people that Mexico has to offer, Not the business owners, not the successful land barons, but the people who could not make a life in their home country, which is where they would rather be. Then they came here, had children here, and are becoming a huge deciding voting entity in our democracy. They will vote for the politicians who will favor their cause and bring their third world culture into our first world America. Although they come here illegally their children are legal, often without the same Catholic hard working family values of the true Mexican society, and will overtake the US in number alone. This is a democracy...numbers are everything. Between this issue and China's buying power on the backs of their slave sweatshop laborors, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS NO LONGER A SOVEIRGN COUNTRY BUT MERELY A BORDERLESS CONCEPTUAL IDEA!! Our fathers way of life is closing to an end. REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED TO ROME AND THOSE WHO DO NOT LEARN FROM HISTORY ARE DESTINED TO REPEAT IT!

No offense whatsoever, I am an adult not a child. By the way I have been reading all this, it looks like only children are allowed in the blog, and children are not supposed to drink alcohol. Last night I drank a bottle of absolut with my friends and now I will buy only absolut, because I am an adult. Kids if you are reading this, please go to the Disney website.

My only concern, besides the kid stuff, is that we are getting behind the Europeans and our country is getting weaker in comparison to the European Union, thanks to all the children that are allowed to vote. At this point in life, there should be no need of passports, visas or work permits among people born in any country of the Americas. Capitalism is based in supply and demand and we can not afford to loose more than we already are against Europe. We are still in time to save this and I really don't care if I would have to learn Spanish and the Mexican culture. What is important is that we remain the best country in the world, regardless of the language or any other unimportant stuff. God Bless the USA and Mexico.

Here's the problem...

On one hand, on an individual perspective, I would love for all undocumented workers who are here solely to provide for themseleves and loved ones should stay for as long as they want.

On the other hand, we have written laws that should protect and benefit those who were born here as well as those who chose and waited the difficult path to be documented and naturalized.

There seems to be no middle ground in which the powers that be can form a dialogue...We are arguing on points that are BOTH valid

One is championing the individual worker...

The other is championing a system that is supposed to protect its own citizens...

That in and of itself is the problem.

Leaving the ad topic away (which has been largely discussed by now), i agree, illegal immigration is not the solution, for all parts involved. But take a read at this article from the NYT: "Legal Immigrants, Until They Sought Citizenship" at

Even if a honest foreign resident with a green card wants to become US citizen there are many difficulties created by the system, not the solicitants. A few examples from the article (and they are not mexicans, or hispanic people, just canadian, british, croatian, french and, oh yes, one from the Phillipines):

"“It’s no wonder there are so many illegal immigrants,” said Brad Darnell, an electrical engineer from Canada living in California who applied for citizenship but is also now fighting deportation. “The legal method is so intolerant and confusing.”

A legal immigrant since 1991, Mr. Darnell is married to an American and has two American-born sons. But after he presented his naturalization application last year, Mr. Darnell discovered that a 10-year-old conviction for domestic violence involving a former girlfriend, even though it had been reduced to a misdemeanor and erased from his public record, made him ineligible to become a citizen — or even to continue living in the United States. "

"In a current Florida case, a British-born businessman saw his naturalization derailed and was detained for deportation because he forgot to update his home address with the immigration agency, Mr. Brauwerman said. He was charged with ignoring a notice in which immigration examiners mistakenly accused him of a felony he had never committed."

" In a case that drew Congressional attention this year in Illinois, Marin Turcinovic, an immigrant from Croatia, was twice denied citizenship because he did not show up at the immigration office to be fingerprinted. As his lawyer explained to no avail, Mr. Turcinovic was a quadriplegic, dependent on a ventilator and unable to leave his home.

Mr. Turcinovic died in April 2004 without becoming a citizen, creating an immigration crisis for his French widow, Corina, who had taken care of him. In January Representative Daniel Lipinski, Democrat of Illinois, presented a bill that halted her deportation. "

"Dr. Pedro Servano always believed that his journey from his native Philippines to the life of a community doctor in Pennsylvania would lead to American citizenship. But the doctor, who has tended to patients here in the Susquehanna Valley for more than a decade, is instead battling a deportation order along with his wife.

The Servanos are among a growing group of legal immigrants who reach for the prize and permanence of citizenship, only to run afoul of highly technical immigration statutes that carry the severe penalty of expulsion from the country. For the Servanos, the problem has been a legal hitch involving their marital status when they came from the Philippines some 25 years ago. Dr. Servano’s mother, five siblings and eight of his wife’s siblings became naturalized citizens, including one brother and two brothers-in-law who made careers in the Navy. His four children are Americans by virtue of being born here. He has been a legal immigrant in the United States for 25 years."

If americans leave aside racial prejudices, resentments, cultural shocks, etc, and take just a pure objective point of view, is clearly evident that the US immigration policies need an overhaul, and i don't mean by this an open door to anyone, but an intelligent, well grounded regulated system. Remember, immigration is driven primarily by economic forces. Immigrants have always been necessary for the US economic wellbeing. Been legal or illegal immigrants, all of them contribute to the economy of the US, in some degree or another. If they weren't needed, they wouldn't be there.

US and México economies are intertwined. As well as Canadian and US economies are. It's a fact. And it's not going to dissapear, no matter how many ads or tantrums are made.

The people of the United States are becoming ridiculous. I was born in the US. My families have lived here for over 200 years. I have proudly served in both the Navy and the Army. I love my country, but you have to realize that we TOOK our land from others. We bought Manhattan for a few beads and some fire water! The Native Americans and the Mexicans were here long before we were. The Native Americans have been complaining about this same issue for hundreds of years, but nobody has banned their casinos.
Stop being offended by everything you see and hear. Perhaps we need to change the name of our country to the United States of the Offended, or the United States of the Ridiculous. Relax! Live and let live! Mind your own business! The add was meant to run in Mexico, so why are the US citizens even concerned about it? Are we going to start monitoring the ads throughout the world and ban all of them that are offensive to a small handful of people who do not even live in those countries? We are not the World Television Police people! Get a grip!

This is so funny how people can seriously talk about America being the bad guy in all this....How stupid can you people be. And for the mexicans its funny if we are such a bad country then get out and stop raping our boarders. And for all these people talkin about how America is bad please write our government so we can stop sending you guys everything you have in your household. You guys are all talkin about stuff that doesn't even have anything to do with the issue. The issue is the ad was stupid for making the U.S. mad you didn't intend for America to see it how stupid of an excuse is that. WoW and for all you who keep talkin about America being horrible you know you are going to keep applying for that green card so see ya in 5-10 years at Burger King!

well,if USA took us our Kosovo then the Mexicans could also took their own north part of motherland. Whole world knows that,that was mexican teritory,untili yeenkees show'n up. salute from Serbia

The difference between American immigrants in Mexico and Mexican immigrants in America is that Americans don't show up in Mexico and demand free services from the government, wave the American flag in everyone's face in defiance of Mexico's sovereignty, storm the streets in protest demanding amnesty, commit crimes on the general public and land with complete disregard to authority or rule of the land, refuse to learn anything about the Mexican culture and language, behave rudely and arrogantly as though Mexicans owe them something, start stealing the second they cross the Mexican border, show up empty-handed with no money ready for hand-outs and if need be take what they need, show ingatitude towards a nation which is tolerant towards their predicament and generous enough to offer them a living, form racist organizations to terrorize tax-paying citizens, take away jobs instead of providing them and send all of their income back home instead of supporting their country of residence. That's the difference between American immigrants and Mexican immigrants. Ah, and by the way, most Americans are legal immigrants in contrast to Mexicans who are mostly illegal immigrants.

"Who cares - our country is slowly turning into Mexico anyway.

Posted by: Nate | April 04, 2008 at 11:34 PM"

U.S. population: 303,832,466


México population: 108,700,891

I don´t think so...

Hay que ver esto como lo que es, simple publicidad (muy divertida, por cierto)
Arman alboroto de todo, ni México recuperará los territorios ni EU dejará de ser lo que es por esta imagen.
Es simplemente una manera sarcástica de ver la realidad, si alguien se ofende pues que lástima.
Yo la neta me reí con esta imagen XD


Let's see this image as it is, just publicity (really funny, by the way)
neither México will reconquer that territory, neither US will stop being what it is.
Its a sarcastic way to see reality, if someone feels offended because of that image, well, its a shame.
Personally, i laugh about this XD

We need another EL ZORRO to defeat gringos in California. JAJA
We will reconquest genetically our stoled land.!!


Well let me prepare my family...

First I'll tell my sons to join a gang...

Tell my daughters to drop-out of school...

Then I'll tell my nephews and neices to start speaking in Spanish, and practice their writing skills on the walls of public buildings...

Gee, America can't wait to be part of the "Mexican continent"....

to the blogger named Rub3n,

How does it feel to be thought of as "uneducated, irresponsible, and lazy" people?

Well, isn't that how the rich and powerful in Mexico view the poverty stricken indigenous population in YOUR country?

You are right, you get what you give !


So true, "You get what you give".

On the same token, tell the descendants of the Aztecs and the indigenous (over 10 million strong in Mexico), to say "thank you" to Spain..."You are what you got", hombre!

By the way, what does "indio" mean?

Jajajajaja que risa con esos gringos que por una cosa tan insignificante hacen tanto drama, nosotros los MEXICANOS deberiamos sentirnos ofendidos por aque Robo-Venta del territorio, lo que es un gusto saber es que para la desgracia de los Norteamericanos su pais tiene nadas mas 12 millones de Mexicanos que poco a poco hacen ese pais mas nuestro en el ambito cultural, laboral y hasta politico.

A todos esos racistas y antiinmigrantes les dejo una frase muy suya "YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE".


Absolut...look what you did under the banner of "freedom of speech."

You have angered and "re-fueled" the animosisty North Americans have against Mexicans (and all Latinos).

White Americans have an "insecurity" of their sovereignty being challenged.

African Americans have a "reality" of being ousted from their inner-city neighborhoods which they feel was theirs. Not to mention the tension that goes with it, exemplified in gang violence.

Americans in general blame the Hispanic community of not wanting to assimilate "fully" into the main stream, and blame them -to a degree- of lowering the quality of life in the States.

You see, on the flip side of "freedom of speech", there is such a thing called "the discipline of thought." They go hand in hand.

Some innocent soul may be at the receiving end of all this outrage. If selling a product for the primary purpose of "profit" supercedes the ramifications of what many feel is an insult, then all the unforseen negativity that goes with creating an ad without thinking of the consequences, is on your conscience.

Thank you.

Look America, this is just an ad ! It's diagraming Mexico's once "glorious" history to its present pathetic state today.

The world looks at America as this big, powerful, land grabbing, arrogant nation who has no respect for other governments, right?

What is so wrong about that?

The whole world thinks all of Mexico is like Tijuana (of the 1970's, you think it's bad today...amigo please..) .

Anyone ever visiting Tijuana, you'll know what I'm talking about...Let it go Yanks...let it go !


You did the same to other country's maps,

you divided them in official meetings in the ways that served to your purposes!


How ignorant can you be? I'm glad you love Mexico so much, becasue that is where you will be. Our borders are going to be stronger than ever!
As for Absolut-I used to be a fan. I'll switch now. If Absolut loves Mexico so much-let them welcome Mexican immigrants to their country of Sweden.

Now Americans can get a small taste of what the Greeks go through with the Slavs that insist on calling themselves "Macedonians"!

And this is just a stupid add, mind you! Look how mad it made you. Now, imagine Mexico actually changing its name to Texas and amending its constitution to include a clause calling for the liberation of their "Northern brothers". That is how mad we are!

And the Bush administration was the first to recognize the FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA as a sovereign state - only because the Oil Consortium wants to built the AMBO pipeline through their territory...

So, if ever Texas or California get sold back, you need not look further: probably some Oil Conglomerate wants to avoid some taxes...

What Absolut says is:
Mexico was this big. Once upon a time a part of the USA was mexican territory.
So what? Is that too painful? Is the truth so awful?
I am mexican and I do not want California, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado or Arizona back to Mexico. All those states now belongs to USA. Its a fact. Keep them.
But dont forget history and dont deny the truth.
A simple ad. Thats all.

Anyone who is offended by this is an idiot.

Quit taking yourselves so seriously.

Im sorry gringos. Mexico exists before that you runaway from England, we have had architecture, astronomy, mathematics, etc. You began exists with 13 colonies of IMMIGRANTS and as allways taking land that it dont belongs to you killing native people of this land. That is that you are KILLERS.

Yes, this Absolut ad is infuriating! Everyone knows that the the current border is between Mexico and China... given that the People's Republic of China is now so heavily invested in American stock market that they are poised to impact us greater that Mexico ever would or could. What goes around, comes around.

Absolut! Never again! Give me a Patron please.

VITO, don't cry to me...I'm black with 1/4 PUERTO RICAN blood! Do you UNDERSTAND?

Like I said, tell the 12% of YOUR Mexican population who are 100% indigenous and ask them, in NAUHTL, if possible and ask THEM, if their land, culture and language was not STOLEN from them. I don't want to hear it from someone who claims to have two ancestors. I want to hear it from a Mexican who is 100% indigenous living in poverty.

Remember, 14% of the U.S. population Hispanic (not all Mexican)...12% of the Mexican population are 100% indigenous...your TWO ancestors DOES NOT represnet them !


(By the way, your English is great and you don't need to apologize, it is clear as a bell, you got me a little angry, so you are expressing your point of view beautifully, so continue on my friend ! We're only enemies on this topic...)

To "Black Pride", I'm so sorry that you were born retarded and with a chip on your shoulder! Your comments are just slanderous, disrespectful, and in no way contribute in to the topic at hand!
Most people if called by anything other than what they are, will politely point you in the right direction. Once at a party I met a Chilean I mistook for an Argentinian, and after taking umbrage at what I had just implied, refused to talk to me for the rest of the evening! And of course, if you mistake an Argentinian with anyone other than God, they would probably get mad. That's a joke! I have very dear argentinian friends and we rib each other without starting the Third World War! And, I think a lot of people would be insulted if you mistook them for an American! Or am i wrong? Mostly, your comments are just mind drool, and sorry but you are a "dumb American!"
But back to the topic at hand. One of the largest drivers of immigration, both legal and illegal is economic supply and demand for labor, period! The tax revenues that unauthorized immigrants generate, offset the total costs of services provided to them anyway! But of course this will be forever debated by people, which of course, have fresh fruit on the table, a roof over the heads, paved roads to drive on, and skyscrapers to go work in. All which of course, were not done with the help of illegal labor.
And give me a break! When the mighty U.S. of A. wants something done, well, we do it! Like invading a country that's 6,000 miles away! If immigration, legal or illegal, was of no benefit to us, it would have been nipped at the bud from the start, many decades ago. But wink, wink between governments until 9/11, when using illegals and border security as scapegoats for the truth, our government and people, fueled by the likes of Bill
O'Reilly and Lou Dobbs, chose an easy vendetta. Did any of the terrorists involved in 9/11 cross through the U.S.- Mexico border? NO! Were any of the terrorists Mexican? NO! Has Mexico ever purposefully harmed the U.S.? NO! Has any terrorist act against the U.S.(and there have been many), ever had a Mexican involved? NO! The Columbine murderers weren't Mexican, neither was Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, nor John Wayne Gacy!
Or how about Timothy McVeigh, white as apple pie, and former decorated United States Army soldier, who blew a building with explosives, claiming 168 innocent lives.-the largest terrorist attack on this country before 9/11! Was he Mexican? Not that I know off!
Why don't we accept that Mexico is our friend and ally, and that if you check history, they probably have been kinder to us than we care to admit.
And how about finding those hidden Al Qaeda cells that are probably alive and well in this country, and their leader, you know, that tall Yemenite from Saudi Arabia?
And please, less youtube and more Chalmers Johnson!!!

How is possible that a men who really was the protagonist of several major events for your country, as civil war, the presidency of the United States and mainly, the "war" Mexican-American or should I say the attack gringo, how is it possible that General ULYSSES S. GRANT has said and written this:

"Generally, the officers of the army were indifferent whether the annexation was consummated or not; but not so all of them. For myself, I was bitterly opposed to the measure, and to this day regard the war, which resulted, as one of the most unjust ever waged by a stronger against a weaker nation. It was an instance of a republic following the bad example of European monarchies, in not considering justice in their desire to acquire additional territory." ULYSSES S. GRANT.

He was there. He knew the things which wrote in his autobiography named "Personal Memories". He had the time for thinking and reflect deeply his words. He wasn't a simple soldier, he was one of the mainly leadership at that time.

I think that your country has many outstanding debts whit whole humanity. And the first step to repair your serious faults should be a little more humble, like the General ULYSSES S. GRANT.

To the pilgrim named ROBIN:

You are to wander off the subject, but ok, I'll explain you something.

Let me tell you something about my culture: We are descendent mainly by two ancestors in equal level: 1)the many and different groups of american indigenous, not only aztecs, 2) and on the other hand the spanish people who arrived officially in 1492.

So, we have two inheritances, and in Mexico we are very proud of both inheritances. Both inheritances determine us. We have part of both inheritances. Both inheritances are quite rich and for this reason is that many people said correctly that in Mexico there is a lot of culture. Is for that in Mexico many times we refer to Spain like "La Madre Patria" because in many sense it's. Ups, sorry, I forgot that you only speak English, poor. We accept everything that was before us and which was inherited by our two ancestors, not only culturally but also property, including land, land that you stole. I repeat: you can't say that you bought this land because it's like putting a gun to someone's head and say: "Sell me your land or I kill you." So there aren't many options, right?

We are the result of an union of two bloods and two cultures and we are very proud of this. Without this union Mexico not exist. Mexico did not exist before this union. And by this reason nobody ever conquered us for the simple fact that we did not exist yet.

Yes, the things that did my ancestors Spaniards to my indigenous ancestors was very bad, really very bad and we have always condemned it, but we do not reject any of our heritages. And We had nothing to do with that by the mere fact that We not even existed yet in any sense . It is something very different that your country did not only in Mexico but other many places. And today your country continues to do so.

Hahaha! The pilgrim ROBIN try to find reasons for justify the abominables acts of his people, but let me tell you something... you never, never find something like it. Somebody never can justify all the acts that "american" people have commited agaist many peoples and whole humanity.

And you never told me how is possible that a men who really was the protagonist of several major events for your country, as civil war, the presidency of the United States and mainly, the "war" Mexican-American or should I say the attack gringo, how is it possible that General Ulysses S. Grant has said and written this:

"Generally, the officers of the army were indifferent whether the annexation was consummated or not; but not so all of them. For myself, I was bitterly opposed to the measure, and to this day regard the war, which resulted, as one of the most unjust ever waged by a stronger against a weaker nation. It was an instance of a republic following the bad example of European monarchies, in not considering justice in their desire to acquire additional territory." Ulysses S. Grant.

Not "amigou". Your have committed many atrocities in the world, and that is why you are frightened a lot and easily with this vodka ad. No matter what you say or how you want to justify things, with acts such as these may never have a clear conscience. You trust in God. But in fact, you only serve the devil.

I'll hope some day God forgive all the atrocities that you goverment and your people have commited against your own brothers. I'll hope some day God forgive you for all bullshit that you are saying.

Well Absolut, you have every right to advertise the way you want to...however, judging by the harsh and rude comments (a huge number may I add), the only ones who will reap the consequences are the undocumented workers who are here on the human-rights basis called "SURVIVAL".

With all this berating, how do you think those who found your ad offensive, treat and view these people walking the streets?

You see Absolut, you have the "right" to advertise...but you half to think sometimes if the "time" is right...goodness!

El mapa en cuestión es un hecho historico sólido, nadie puede negarlo. Y si no van a tomar vodka, les sugiero que tomen Tequila.

The map in question is a historical fact, nobody can deny it. And if they are not going to drink vodka, I suggest to them drink Tequila.


Such a thought provoking comment. You are absolutely correct.

You see, freedom of speech with an ad Absolut chose to create is fine. You are correct, freedom of speech is imperative and nothing should change.

Answer this, I know of a woman who wants children but has a life-long problem child bearing. I have a every "right" and "freedom" to ask her, "Don't you wish you had children, lady?"...but given her circumstances, is it right?

Shame on the United States for trying to impose censorship on freedom of Speech of a foreign country. Mexico has the same right to expression as the United States. If they feel that this is a common sentiment of thier land .Then let be it. It is hypocritical to make judgements and invasions to other countries, but not allow for others to express a truth about a historical event. And who is the United States to make judgments as to they (Mexicans) didnt deserve California. That would mean that I could go into your home, fly my flag high outside of it, and claim that you are unworthy and uncapbable of running this home and I kick you out and take possesion of your home. what is yours is yours, whats not is not. Cheers to Absolute Vodka for expressing a known fact. They shall not be bullied by "BIG Bully Sam" dont be concern with monetary losses. Because the most massive potent consumer market in the U.S are immigrants whether illegal and legal. Just ask Wal-Mart, Ralphs. Ford and Coca-cola who do heavy marketing in the Spanish Language in the U.S. Oucchh that hurts Lou Dobbs, Oreilly and Glenn Beck. If you want the Capitalist empire you must rely on your work force that's predominantly made up of immigrants. Cheers to Mexico, to Absolute and the human race.

To the blogger named HERETIC...

What is your point, honey? It all sounds "GREEK" to me, sugar!

This is between Mexico and the United States. Little do you know, that these two great countries have a "love-hate" relationship, just like two brothers liking the same woman, two sisters engulfed with jealousy with the other. But deep in their hearts, they deeply love one another but don't even know it.

This is an "American-Mexican-Western Hemisphere" thing, you wouldn't understand.

What does, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Transylvania, Mars, Pluto and Venus, have anything to do with a sibling rivalry, FOOL !

Go play with your Sparta and put it in a someone's Troy...

"Estados Unidos Mexicanos" is the official named of Mexico!

The United States of Mexico, how about that? I'm just a dumb American.

Question is "Estados Unidos Mexicanos", is Puero Rico, Cuba, Guatemala and El Salvador, part of your union.

Seems to me, if you call anybody Mexican, that are from these countries, I understand would be very insulting.

To call someone Mexican from Spain or Argentina is almost slanderous.

Mexico, Mexico,'s one thing when English speaking individuals don't agree with you, but when your Spanish speaking cousins feel insulted when they are accidentally identified as Mexican, that is a whole new low even Americans don't understand.

U.S.A. Please give Mexico a break. We don't realize they are not looked upon with a great deal of respect even from their own Hispanic global community !

And I once thought all Spanish speakers were Mexicans. Someone please slap me !

Now I'm sure you guys know how Greeks feel everytime the State Dept. "accidentally" leaks maps showing Greek territories as belonging to... FYROM, Albania and Turkey. I'm sure you now will find out how Greeks feel with the expansionist maps created by FYROM radicals, who have been in power in that country for too long.

If it's perfectly OK for Greeks to have to put up with such maps, I don't see ANY reason why it's not OK for Americans to be put in such a position. If, however, it's insulting to Americans, I guess such maps concerning Greece and any other country are a BIG no-no and should be discouraged in any way possible. This practically means, in case I didn't phrase it in a matter simple enough, "no more double standards and hypocrisy; if this is insulting to Americans, its equivalents are insulting to Greeks".

That map is Mexico's worst nightmare. They can't manage the land they have now. They live on remittances sent home by the (legal and illegal) immigrants who live in the USA. If we gave them California and the rest, they would have so much internal conflict trying to put the country together, it's hard to see how they could spare any time to keep the economy going (we have enough trouble with the economy now, and we are about as good at that as anybody in the world)

Lets give all the land we took from Mexico...Take out all the laws, roads, bridges, hospitals, companies, industries, farms, technology, and all that developed by conquered hands. Have all the Americans move east of the Mississippi River, north of the Oregon border.

Question is, given what the world sees as Mexico and Mexican society-government-culture today, then Mexico, what the hell are you going to do with the land? Honestly, what the hell are you going to do with the land that the U.S. stole? No, let me rephrase that, what else are you going to "blame" the Americans should this EVER happen. Make Mexico into a superpower, which you long to be, but CAN'T?

Hong-Kong, and Singapore, both small island countries have surpassed you economic output, and you can't even SEE them on the map! That is if you even know where these countries exist ON a map.

Quit your yackin' and give me a frickin break ! Blame your lack of drive and efficeincy to YOU being conquered by the Spanish Conquistadors and your OWN damn government.

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