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Immigration: Your chance to vote (LAPD Special Order 40)

In Los Angeles, the killing of high school football star Jamiel Shaw Jr. has brought new attention to Los Angeles Police Department Special Order 40. Shaw's father has proposed the policy be changed so officers would routinely check the immigration status of known gang members who are crime suspects -- which he said would make it easier to immediately deport them. Shaw Jr. was allegedly killed by an 18th Street gang member, Pedro Espinoza. Read today's story, "Ask and deport, family urges." Special Order 40 limits when officers can ask about the citizen status of suspects.

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Mayor Tony Villar is a racist, Socialist, open-borders, pro-illegal alien Mexican shill...he is unfit to hold any elected office in this him out or we might as well just hand over California back to Mexico. Vote for Walter Moore, take the city back.

Report all suspected illegal aliens and their employers to 1-866-DHS-2ICE....reports can be made anonymously. Si se puede...YA ES HORA!

It is about time we stop listening to Mayor Tony's excuses for S.O. 40, and look at the real reasons why he is fighting to keep it. The old excuse does not fly. It is time to kick out all the pro-traitor lobby who are making 2nd class citizens out of Americans.

How can we reduce rights of officers especially when it comes to saving lives of people like Jamiel, who are INNOCENT and have NOTHING to do with these fearless illegals? Let's bring some fear and BAN special 40!

I totally support this measure. This could've been avoided if the police checked his status before they released him. How are you going to give people that come here illegally any preferential treatment?? They already committed a crime by staying here illegally!

The City Council, through it various actions, has made it clear that L. A. is a sanctuary city and illegal immigrants who have crossed the city's border should not fear being questioned by anyone about their immigrant status. Meanwhile, the education and health care systems are among the worst in the nation while the murder statistics have reached epic proportions thanks to gangs most of whose members are illegal immigrants.
This City Council recently condemned a proposed federal law requiring employers verify the status of their employees. What was once a city envied is now disgraced.
Oh, and you expect the City Council to amend special order 40??
When pigs fly.

why not, the police can ask me my status i was born here my mother and father was born here my grandparents were born here thier parents wrer born here its not a problem for me. The ones here that are not suposed to be here are the only ones crying about, think about it. but it unbelivelable how the mexican mayor and the mexican city council care more about thier non rights than MY RIGHTS

Should police be allowed to ask about what laws an individual is breaking during routine questioning?

Sounds like a no-brainer to me.


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