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Argentines to Ted Turner: We like Patagonia too

April 10, 2008 | 11:49 am

Let the people in, Ted.

That's the message from Argentine authorities to the U.S. media mogul.Ted_tuner_pix_4

Ted Turner is  one of a number of magnates and other hyper-wealthy folks who have purchased land in recent years in the mostly empty southern stretches of Argentina and Chile, where scenery can be breathtaking.

The foreigners' presence has periodically rankled nationalist sensibilities -- especially when public access is cut short.

The daily Clarin reports that Argentine national park officials plan to ask Turner to help provide a public corridor via one of his properties to the picturesque Traful River, a fly-fishing mecca. Turner's spacious estancia [estate], La Primavera, stretches for more than 12,000 acres and cuts off part of the waterway. Turner himself is said to be a fly-fishing buff.

Land-expropriation proceedings could begin if the request is denied, the newspaper reported. There was no immediate word from the CNN founder and noted philanthropist.

-- Patrick J. McDonnell and Andres D'Alessandro in Buenos Aires.

Photo: Ted Turner, in New York. Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images