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Update: Alleged Brazilian Dracula speaks, denies vampirism

November 8, 2007 | 11:31 am

"Drinking blood?" Valdeir "Vlad" Maximo da Silva told police. "I prefer grape juice and wine."

Silva, 27, denied charges that he coaxed teenagers into a vampire-style cult, allegedly biting their necks and sucking their blood as an initiation rite. "The kids already had marks," O Globo reported him as saying, "and if I had bitten I'd have chopped off someone's neck."

Silva said he took part in role-playing games with the youths. The chief investigator says that drinking one-third of a glass of blood may turn someone into a blood addict. O Globo says that even though Silva told the teenagers he had "wings on his back," he was actually a hunchback. Police are asking for a dental exam to gather more evidence.

Posted by Marcelo Soares in Sao Paulo