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Seems Conan O'Brien's flirtation with Fresno has fizzled

September 12, 2012 | 10:14 am

It's a Coco-No.

The flirtation between Conan O'Brien and Fresno has fizzled.

Last July, after the talk-show host joked he was going to send a giant bobblehead doll of himself to the beleaguered city as a tourist attraction to raise funds, the city's mayors and enthusiastic residents launched a campaign to get him to really visit "The 'No" (a nickname that persists despite an old Chamber of Commerce jingle promoting "Fres-Yes!").

On his show this week O'Brien played a clip of a video posted at "Gotta Love Fresno" (and embedded above). It shows a life-sized Conan cardboard cut-out at local landmarks as a parody of the Beach Boys song "Kokomo" -- revised as "Coco-No" for the video -- plays in the back ground. (The highlight: "Dinuba, Mendota, oooh I want to show you Orosi...")

O'Brien toted up what he said would be the legal costs to the city of the unlicensed use of the song, defamation of his character (for making him look creepy by putting the cut-out on a merry-go-round with small children), etc.

He determined the city which is some $462 million in debt, now owes an additional $135 million.

Local reaction?

"Soooooo ... this is over now, right?" writes Fresno Bee columnist Mike Oz.


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-- Diana Marcum in Fresno