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Hello, kitty: Griffith Park mountain lion captures L.A.'s fancy

August 14, 2012 | 11:13 am

More photos: A mountain lion has settled in Griffith Park

In true L.A. fashion, the city's latest animal celebrity has already generated quite a buzz.

As news spread that a 3-year-old mountain lion has moved into Griffith Park, residents across the area had mixed reactions.

Some worried about the safety of the lion, named P-22 by biologists. Others worried about their own safety in the popular park. A few wondered if Apple had something to do with P-22's presence — after all, the company's newest version of its Mac OS X, conveniently dubbed "Mountain Lion," was released just a few weeks ago.

PHOTOS: A mountain lion has settled in Griffith Park

What do you think? Will the lion keep you away from Griffith Park?  Do you think biologists should remove it from the area? Weigh in by tweeting @LANow, posting on our local Facebook page or writing in the comments section below.

Hello Kitty: Mountain lion calls L.A. park home

There have long been rumors of mountain lions in the hills surrounding L.A.'s popular Griffith Park, but now experts have proof. Wildlife cameras snapped photos of a 3-year-old male lion in February, and officials say the cat — named P-22 — has made a home in the park's rugged backcountry.

Storified by Kate Mather · Tue, Aug 14 2012 10:40:15

Mountain lion makes itself at home in Griffith ParkSmack in the middle of Los Angeles, feasting on deer and roaming the chaparral-covered slopes, a mountain lion prowls Griffith Park. Yes,...
So they finally have photographic proof of a mountain lion in Griffith park. I thought we all knew there was one in there?Genevieve Richards
Confirmed! The rumored mountain lion in Griffith Park. As someone who goes trail running there every weekend i can, I really hope he doesn't have a taste for red-heads.Philip Harris
A couple of my friends thought they saw a coug by the old zoo cages a few weeks ago.Doug Dobbins
Hiking friends, beware!George Olivos
This is why I love L.A. You have it all. Apparently, this big cat agrees.Laurence Whiting
I can't help but think that the mountain lion living in Griffith Park is some clever OS promo from Apple. You never know!Scott Poston
ICYMI, here are photos of Griffith Park's resident mountain lion. [Gallery] http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-griffith-park-mountain-lion-pictures,0,5976980.photogallery http://pic.twitter.com/zzAliXZSLANow
News of the mountain lion has already drawn mixed reactions. Some worried about the animal's presence in the urban oasis, which is used daily by hikers, joggers and dog walkers, and is often frequented by children. Others said officials should let the cat be.
Griffith Park mountain lion has some visitors worried, some unfazedA mountain lion at Griffith Park? "I don't believe it," said Maria Reynoso of Burbank. "It's like ghosts -- unless I see them I don't bel...
Scientists are keeping tabs on this beautiful mountain lion living in Griffith Park. I hope he lives a long healthy life and that I get to see a glimpse of him one day (from a safe distance of course) :Melissa Baldridge
LA needs to protect these amazing cats...the Mountain Lion is native to the West and being run out by too many humans.... How would you feel if someone came in and took away your home without so much as a by-your-leave?Silversage Healthnutrition
I guess I'll be staying away from Griffith Park. It seems that the director of the Dept. of Parks and Recreation isn't very smart.John Felix
this is incredibly cool. Let's let the kitty be....perhaps he can dine on a couple of hipsters...?Ron Oliver
Wildlife officials have dubbed the big cat "P-22," but here in Los Angeles, animals tend to become celebrities and find flashier names (right Glen Bearian?) L.A. Now asked readers for their input.
A mountain lion named P-22 is prowling Griffith Park. Any ideas for a better name? Tweet us your suggestions! http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/08/griffith-park-mountain-lion.htmlL.A. Times: L.A. Now
@LANow Griffith P. LionC. L. Damian
Kim Bauer. RT @LANow: A mountain lion named P-22 is prowling Griffith Park. Any ideas for a better name? Tweet us your suggestions!George Roush
@jennifergould @LANow Andy? As in Andy Griffith?Marla Haney
With a lion in Griffith Park — and frequent bear sightings in the foothills north of downtown — one can only wonder what's next for L.A.'s menagerie.
Lions, Tigers, Bears - The Wizard Of Ozwbmoviesonline


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Photo: The first photographic evidence of mountain lion P-22 in the Griffith Park area was taken on Feb. 12. Credit: Griffith Park Connectivity Study