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Steve Lopez: For Dodgers and Junior Seau, all about money

May 3, 2012 | 10:20 am

The new owners of the Dodgers

Steve LopezHere's a morning double-header, something on the Dodgers and something on San Diego Charger legend Junior Seau:

It was nice to see that the new Dodgers owners kicked Frank McCourt around Wednesday, promising he won't get a nickel from parking revenues. And it was nice to hear the parking fee will be dropped from $15 to $10.

But if you polled the fans, I think they'd rather be able to buy a hot dog without missing half the game while standing in those ridiculous lines. The new owners said they're working on that, too, but what's there to work on?

Fire Levy, which has the contract, if they don't come up with a better system immediately. You order your food, and the clerk has to personally roam the concession box like it's an Easter egg hunt. Then begins the checkout.

Can we please have one clerk ring up the order and take the payment while backup staff gathers and delivers the food?

Now, as for Junior Seau, we don't know why he apparently shot himself in the chest, but we know another NFL retiree did the same and left a note saying he wanted to preserve his brain for study to determine the long-term damage of all those nasty hits.

Well, guess what.

The NFL and its teams promote those hits.

The fans celebrate them.

The highlight reels are like demolition derbies.

And it's all about money, no surprise. Even the players have bought in, as the New Orleans Saints head-hunting scandal has proved.

If Seau's death has anything to do with depression or cognitive loss because of decades of head-bashing, it's one more reason to ban and heavily penalize savage hits, improve the helmets, and quit celebrating and profiteering from the violence that reduces one-time legends to sad, addled warriors, old and gone before their time.


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 -- Steve Lopez

Photo: The new owners of the Dodgers are introduced during a news conference at Dodger Stadium on Wednesday. From left: Bobby Patton, Stan Kasten, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Mark Walter, Peter Guber and Todd Boehly. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times