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Joe Biden stuns Pasadena neighborhood with unannounced visit

January 20, 2012 |  4:33 pm

James Souell was visiting friends in Pasadena when he noticed a procession going down Los Robles Avenue.

Even in a city known for its parades and celebrations, it seemed a bit unusual.

And Souell's observations were correct. 

Vice President Joe Biden rolled into the Pasadena neighborhood Friday for a fundraiser at the home of John Kennedy, a noted city activist whose sister, Lena Kennedy, is a political consultant and a prominent fundraiser for President Obama.

Biden reportedly spent several hours at the home. The visit was unannounced and residents said they had no clue the VP was in town until he came riding down the street.

"It was basically a fundraiser for the president's campaign," said Dan Sherman, who attended the meeting. "Biden was basically talking about what the administration accomplished and how obstructive the Republicans have been."

Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez confirmed that his agency worked with the Secret Service over the last 48 hours to coordinate the visit.

Sanchez said his agency engaged in “elaborate safety measures in collaboration with the Secret Service to facilitate a visit by the vice president to the Pasadena area.”

The police chief said the last time the city was involved in similar planning was when First Lady Michelle Obama visited the city last year.

"I think this is great, him coming to Pasadena,” Souell said. “We’re on the map.”

-- Bill Kisliuk, Joe Piasecki and Adoflo Flores, from Pasadena