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Occupy L.A. protesters now battling foreclosure auctions

December 3, 2011 |  6:00 pm

Occupy L.A. may have lost its home outside City Hall this week, but protesters plan to continue the acts of civil disobedience that helped the movement capture national attention.

One of their first new actions occurred Friday as a foreclosure auction was getting underway in Norwalk.

As the auction began, a commotion erupted from across the lawn. It was a group of protesters, marching with posters and howling an angry chant: "Banks got bailed out / We got sold out!"

Photos: Occupy L.A.

Some wore T-shirts identifying themselves as members of local labor unions. Others wore armbands printed with "99%" -- a now-famous reference that revealed a different goal.

Demonstrations against the foreclosure process are an important next step, said one protester who spent nearly two months living on the City Hall lawn at Occupy L.A., and who hitched a ride to Norwalk to take part in Friday's action.

The protester, Abe, wouldn't give his last name but said anger at the foreclosure crisis, and at banks that he believes haven't done enough to help homeowners get more favorable loans, helped draw him to Occupy in the first place.

Friday's protest was organized in conjunction with Good Jobs L.A., a coalition of labor unions and other community organizations. Although some within the Occupy movement have expressed fears that their protest may be co-opted by other groups -- including unions -- Abe said he isn't worried about that.


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