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Women who say bed bugs bit them 167 times settle lawsuit with motel

Bites on the neck of one of the plaintiffs Three women who sued a Glendale motel, saying they suffered more than 100 bed-bug bites, have settled out of court for an undisclosed amount, attorneys said Monday.

Attorneys representing the three women — Nichole Eatman, Vera Domini and Regina Martocci — said they met with representatives for Rodeway Inn-Regalodge Motel, at 200 W. Colorado St., and its franchiser, Choice Hotels International Inc., last week, to reach the settlement.

They filed a motion Thursday to dismiss the case, according to Los Angeles County Superior Court documents.

Eatman, Domini and Martocci claimed they stayed three nights in a motel room that was infested with bed bugs and their larvae. Domini sustained 167 bed bug bites while staying at the motel, DeArmas said.

Read more: "Bed-bug battle settles out of court."


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-- Veronica Rocha, Glendale News-Press / Times Community News

Photo: Bites on the neck of one of the plaintiffs. Credit: Courtesy of Lourdes DeArmas

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I think I'm about to yack......

Geeezzzz, "don't let the bed bugs bite" in this case, they bit alright!!!

I don't know what it feels like to be bitten by a bedbug, but somehow, I think I'd realize something was, er, not quite right long before I sustained 167 bites.

Why did they stay 3 nights? I would have been out of there when I saw the first bug or bite on me!!

I am not buying this story. First of all, why didn't they leave right away? and then stay for 2 more days. It just doesn't make any sence. I have a feeling it was a set up, and they were all in it for the money...People does stupid things, but this story is full of nonsence.

so WHY did you stay THREE whole nights, if the first night was so bad!?!?!

I am really glad they got something from the hotel over this.


Why would you stay 3 nights if you were getting bug bites? I would have left after the first night!

Who would stay after the first night of bites?...

It was known as the flea bag hotel.

Why stay in the same room for the next two out of three nites then?

Why would anyone stay in a room where you know your getting bitten or have a feeling of itchyness. I would have gone to the front desk and asked for a different room or suite. Bedbugs are very hard to spot, so small and sometimes clear. I've been trough that and it's not cool. Good that they got money-hotels need to be cleaned troughly.

Often the bite marks don't show up for days (or even up to a week).

This could be a possible explanation why they stayed for 3 nights.

what type of idiot spends the 2nd, OR 3rd, night after the 1st night of biting??!

For those who ask "Why did they stay additional nights after they got bit?", it's not that simple...

Bed bugs are stealthy little creatures. It is common for people to have a bed bug infestation in their home for MONTHS before discovering the little vampires. Failing to figure it out in the first few nights at a hotel is not difficult at all.

Bed bugs hide out of sight except when they come out to feed, late at night while you sleep. Their saliva is a natural anesthetic, so you feel nothing while they feed. Then they crawl back to their hiding place so there is no trace of them when you wake up in the morning. They won't just be there under the sheets with you...they'll be under the mattress, or behind the head board, or even in the electrical outlets.

it's all for money!!! is it not common sense if ur bitten the first night to get out of there rather wait for three days

3 NIGHTS !!! they stayed a whole three nights. I bet the settlement was minimal. still, it counts as an allersac moment

I've been bitten by bedbugs before and it is one of the most harrowing experiences of my life. The bites itch like nothing you can imagine. The problem is that if you don't have experience with bedbugs you are not sure what is happening at first. You think maybe the bites are a rash or mosquito bites. Sometimes the bites take a day or so to appear. Unless you really look for them you will not see the bedbugs. which feed at night while you are sleeping. Also, hotels will deny they have bedbugs, so again unless you have been bitten by them before you may be led to believe it is something else. My skin is crawling just looking at those pictures. I once had over a hundred bites on my body and I thought I was going to go crazy from all the scratching. Also, you begin to think bedbugs are everywhere. It's awful.

Bed bug bites to not hurt or itch at the time of the bite, they do not leave small enclosed spaces except at night when a body is in the bed for feeding and the bites do not appear for 24 hours or more on most people. So, you are all dead, dead wrong.

OMG. maybe this will shake up other hotels. all the money they want for a room and this is what we get. makes no since.

Three nights?? Did the bugs just wait until the last night to launch their preplanned attack or did these ladies just have no idea they were being bitten until they checked out? Kind of fishy and it smells like another stupid excuse for a lawsuit to me. Though it is nasty....


My wife and I as well as my young daughter and son recently stayed at a 4 star resort in Kuaui for a week. About 4 days in to the trip, I noticed that I had a few mosquito bites. "Hmm, perhaps from sitting outside at night, " I thought. Then a few more bites in a couple days; nothing terrible. I even made a joke about it being bed bugs. Ha! Then, the morning we were about to leave I went to the pool one last time with my kids. I took off my shrt and my wife gasped. I had little bites all over my back. As strange as it is, I didn't feel anything. At that point, we finally realized that something wasn't right. I rushed back to our room and looked throught the mattress. I saw a few small moving round dots... not knowing what bed bugs looked like, I called housekeeping. They sent one guy, who wasn't sure what he was doing, and then his supervisor who moved the mattress, looked near the headboard and declared, "Yup, this bed is infected." She plucked a couple out and put them into a drinking glass. Totally gross. I had seen enough. My wife looked back under the mattress where the housekeeping supervisor found them and said she saw what appeared to be a couple dozen of them teeming around. Great! I had been feeding dozens of little bugs each night... and didn't even notice it!

Feeling grossed out, we had to head out to the airport soon thereafter. We alerted the front desk, but top management wasn't in that day (a Saturday, I think). The next day, the itching kicked in for me in ernest. This is after we had arrived home. I have never felt anything like it in my life. I must have gone through 10 tubes of steroidal anti-each cream and still felt like I was going to tear through my skin by scratching. Bites were all over my arms, on my face (even on my eyelid), and extended from the back of my neck all the way down to my legs. It was easily over 300 bites (I had over 20 bites on just one side of one of my hands). I went to my doctor who was a bit shocked; he prescribed a steroid pill which totally helped for the 5 day prescription... and then the itching came back on the last day and lasted another 2-3 days. I had it the worst. The ones on my wrist were unbearable. I even skipped a couple days of work because I didn't want to be labeled as "the bed bug guy" in case someone recognized the distinctive bite marks. My 5-year old daughter had it about half as bad as I did (and was made fun of at school) and my wife about 30% as bad as me. Strangely, my daughter's bites didn't start itching till about 3 days after mine did and my wive's symtoms took about 10 days to kick in. Apparently everyone reacts differently.

For over a month, we worried that we brought them back to our home which would have been a disaster. When we got home from our trip, we left all our luggage outside, stripped down and took long hot showers. We tossed all our luggage. We even hired a sniffer dog to come to our place and look for bed bugs.

The resort was smart enough to refund us our money and is working out an additional settlement (which is why I won't name them now).

Let me tell you, I will never stay at a hotel again without doing a thorough search of my room / bed first. Doesn't matter if it is a shack or a 5-star hotel. You won't feel the bugs when they are on you. They even release a pain-killer into your body when they "bite" you so you won't feel it.

Good night... and don't let the bed bugs bite...

It's all part of the "third-worlding" of America courtesy of the Democrat Party.

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