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Some homeowners refusing 'smart meters' over health concerns

May 15, 2011 |  6:57 pm

smart electric meters

Erik Bottema isn’t enthused about the city’s plans to install a high-tech “smart meter” at his north Glendale home.

Earlier this year, he ordered a contractor hired by Glendale Water & Power to install the new utility meters off of his property. He has since contemplated installing a cage around his meter to prevent its replacement.

Glendale and Burbank officials have lauded their respective multimillion-dollar meter upgrades — which will allow two-way communication between customers and utilities and let consumers track real-time water and electricity consumption — as an exciting technological advancement.

But Bottema and a small group of Glendale and Burbank residents have resisted, saying they’re concerned about the health effects of the radio waves that the wireless meters emit. They also say the utility’s ability to view electric and water usage as it occurs is intrusive and could change the rate structure.

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-- Melaine Hicken, Glendale News-Press / Times Community News

Photo: A technician installs "smart" electric meters last week at an apartment complex in Glendale. Credit: Raul Roa / Glendale News-Press