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Villaraigosa orders 42 furlough days for workers who rejected labor deal

Faced with resistance to his plan for addressing growing employee costs, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Wednesday that he had instructed his managers to impose 42 furlough days on city workers whose bargaining units rejected his latest labor agreement.

The move came hours after city officials reported that more than 6,300 workers had voted against ratifying the new contract negotiated by Villaraigosa and the Coalition of L.A. City Unions, which represents non-public-safety employees.

That group makes up 43% of the coalition’s full-time employees, City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana said. Many of those workers are paid from the city’s general fund budget, which covers basic services such as public safety and faces a $457-million shortfall.

Under the mayor’s new furlough plan, six of the 42 furloughs days would be required by June 30, while an additional 36 would be imposed over the following 12 months.

Villaraigosa could not immediately say how many of those 6,300 workers would be exempted from the new round of furloughs. But he said the new round would definitely lead to “diminished” public services.

The mayor also praised the 14 bargaining units that voted for the agreement, which requires members to devote 4% of their salaries to the cost of retiree healthcare.


4 unions reject mayor's labor deal

Mayor unveils $6.9 billion budget

Los Angeles officials want workers to trade furloughs for pay cuts

-- David Zahniser at Los Angeles City Hall

Photo: Mayor Villaraigosa takes a moment before delivering his state of the city speech April 13. Credit: Gray Friedman / Los Angeles Times

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We will take the 47 Furloughs no issue--I hope the Mayor has an explanation for when he has thousands of dropped 9-1-1 calls---For us 9-1-1 emergency operators fall in the furlough category---both Valley and Metro/LA centers already short staffed as it is. To set the record straight ---so the public knows correctly---if we don't answer your 9-1-1 call--you will not get a police or fire entities dispatched. We are the first to get the call. I would hate to see what the city faces when a real tragedy occurs

Can we get Mayor Tony Villar to also take furlough days? What about the 15 worthless members of the City Council? They should take them too!!!

Hey Mayor, maybe the contract would have passed if EVERYONE HELPED OUT! It is only those in the general fund that get screwed carrying the burden for the Mayor & Council's failures to pay into the pension system, instead they spent that money and now blame the workers. The workers had been paying their share. Furlough everyone, including airport, harbor, police & fire, and of course the sacred cow, DWP! WE ALL GET PAID BY THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES, BUT NOT EVERYONE SHARES THE SACRIFICE, THAT INCLUDES THE MAYOR'S OFFICE!

so according to the mayor 911 operators are non public safety employees correct. because we are part of that coalition. I apologize to the citizwns of Los Angeles who will now be subject to longer wait times on 911 and especially on non emergency issues.

If the Mayor didn't like that news, then he's not going to enjoy another newsflash: An election challenge was lodged in SEIU Local 721's largest bargaining unit, MOU 4. And if that wasn't enough, an Unfair Employee Relations Practice Claim was filed against CAO Miguel Santana and another one against Eric Garcetti, over their strong arm tactics and threats during the unions deliberative and voting process. This could get interesting. Maybe even....newsworthy.
As soon as the LAPD and LAFD learn that Garcetti aims to put a cap on their pension subsidies very soon, it's going to get really interesting.
I want ringside tickets for this event.....without the $42,000 fine, of course.

Your article has an error: The new Letter of Agreement calls for a 4% INCREASE in Employee contributions. This will bring our total contribution to 11%.

Give me an example of any public employee who are suffered from furloughs days!!!!
AN EXAMPLE. Just one.

This is another vacation time for them.

Ban the public unions. Enough of abuses and wastes.

How many furlough days will the mayor take?

I have never been a fan of Mayor Villaraigosa, and I will not miss when he goes.
Having said that,Way to go Andy! You can't let unions push you around its bad enough Gov.Brown kisses there ass why should you. (It must be a "Vast left wing conspiracy") If the money isn't there it isn't there, enough said.

Mayor Who? The residents of LA and the employees of LA will be impacted adversely by the LACK of leadership Mayor Who and Councilmembers Who sat idled while the City spiraled downward!

We will take the 47 Furloughs no issue--I hope the Mayor has an explanation for when he has thousands of dropped 9-1-1 calls---For us 9-1-1 emergency operators fall in the furlough category---both Valley and Metro/LA centers already short staffed as it is. To set the record straight ---so the public knows correctly---if we don't answer your 9-1-1 call--you will not get a police or fire entities dispatched. We are the first to get the call. I would hate to see what the city faces when a real tragedy occurs

pretty vindictive tony!

Not everyone who is a public employee is making large sums of money each year. A majority of them are struggling to make ends meet. They have kids, families, mortgages, and other bills to pay. 42 furloughs is almost taking away a day a week of work. If you got cut a day each week of work, could you still meet all your financial obligations? Maintain your standard of living? 42 furloughs for Villaraigosa may be nothing, but 42 furloughs for the person in parks and rec teaching your kids, means they can't pay their rent, or gas to drive to work.


47 days? How about cutting the entire city staff by 47% and ending collective bargaining? We can no longer afford to subsidize these leeches on our tax dollars.

I also hope that the Mayor and his staff/office--Including City Council learn how to take 9-1-1 calls because they do not take ONE Furlough!! I truly hope a huge disaster or a Tragedy of someone losing their life because there is no one to answer the call---I promise you in these hot BUSY summer months coming up--when you need police or fire--you will hear this :PLEASE HOLD FOR THE NEXT AVAILABLE OPERATOR! It is sooooo sad but this is what your Mayor has put in place. Sorry City of LA

Collective Bargaining?

Mayor V. has demonstrated that he is no patsy.

Way to go.

City Attny's and other self important types-- hit the bricks.

Sad if the mayor is forced to call in scabs.

It's high time to take the unions of the books for GOOD!!! they are a massive financial drain NON union employees, and can be run MUCH more efficeintly!!! tony gosa has come up with yet another lame way to TRY to save the city cash. There is no TRY you either DO or DON'T!!! tony gosa is the DON'T mayor as he has done NOTHING good for the people of los angeles...
juts goes to show that some people aren't intelligent enough to vote!!!!

My wife was given a 1 hour a day furlough last time. She worked that 1 hour every day though and then some since she gets to the office early each day. She also takes work home and has not had a break in years. And her job is very important to the citizens of Los Angeles.

So please do not denounce all LA City workers.

To set the record straight it was not a new contract, it was an amendment to an existing contract.The biggest problem it had no selling point. There is no guarentee that by paying 4% the City will cover health care increases when you retire. If you are being furloughed why cut your pay to go to work every day? If you are not being furloughed because you are special funded why take a pay cut? They can"t furlough you. And the most important thing of all, why should civilians pay for the cops. The city could save lots of money and reduce the number of cops if they civilianized their ranks. Tons of cops at the Police Admin Building not doing cop work.

This mayor has raised taxes, increased fees and has laid off employees and cut services. How is that possible? Riordan and Hahn didn't do this and didn't raise taxes or fees. On top of that this mayor saddles the residents of L.A. to cover the costs of his "mayor's mansion" - something neither Riordan or Hahn did. Move out of the mansion if you are serious about cutting costs. Instead he takes it out on the common union laborer - the ones that ushered him into office. Not surprising from someone who would sell out his father, mother, wife, family, etc.,.

Good! Enough is Enough!

This country was founded on the right of people to freely vote as they see fit WITHOUT repercussions! The last time I looked at an atlas, Los Angeles was still within the boundaries of the United States. It's called Democracy!

So the royal pain in the a*s sorry excuse for a mayor didn't get his way, and now the petty-minded, immature, dictatorial failure is going to punish those who "defied" him and Garcetti by making them take 42 days of furlough! BIG EFING WHOOP!!! Been there-Done That AND SURVIVED! I heard what Alarcon said: "I applaud the 14 MOUs that voted yes and I will work on the 4 that didn't." SOUNDS LIKE TOUGH THREAT TALK TO ME! I AM NOT IMPRESSED!

I live in and work for the City of Los Angeles and I say BRING IT ON! My Department has been on furloughs for more than a year. IT IS TIME TO TAKE A STAND AGAINST THIS DICTATOR AND HIS DOG AND PONY SHOW COUNCIL!

The City has failed to provide basic services THAT MY TAXES payfor at least 10 years that I know of. I haven't seen a street sweeper come down my street in at least that long, and don't even get me started on the pot holes, untrimed trees, and sidwalkes that are like mine fields!

I guarentee to you if he goes ahead and tries to furlough the 9-1-1 operators, the City attorney's AND the traffic officers he is so fond of calling his little revenue makers, law suits will be filed the first time someone calls 9-1-1 and can't get assistance, or someone can't get a traffic officer out to clear their blocked driveway. How about when there are no traffic officers to tow cars from in front of fire hydrants and there's a fire. If the mayor thinks he's so tough, let him explain that in a court of law when the City gets sued for failure to provide basic safety services.


The corrupt ones are starting to turn on each other. The chickens are finally coming home to roost. Good deal. Sure it'll get messy but its the only way to end the fraud and theft that the politicians and unions have been imposing on the taxpayers for the last decade.

When will you clowns understand math!

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